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eDGE Loyalty Rewards

Everyone is created equal. Some people have an eDGE

The things you save up for. The experiences you aspire to have. Make your dreams and desires come true with eDGE Loyalty Rewards from Axis Bank.
A program that is designed to give you exceptional reward options,which can be earned faster.

Collect more eDGE Loyalty Rewards Points Easily

To start with, there are easy ways to collect eDGE Loyalty Rewards Points on your Axis Bank Credit, Debit Card and lots more. And if you think this is good news, there is more.The program also lets you combine the points collected across the Axis Bank products, that help you accelerate your points earning and achieve your rewards faster than ever.

Get the most out of your eDGE Loyalty Rewards Points

You can spend your eDGE Loyalty Rewards Points across 500 carefully selected rewards which will delight you with hard-to-resist offers in fashion, travel, dining, events, luxuries, utilities, fragrances, movies, kitchenware, entertainment, electronics, priority offers and many more.

eDGE Loyalty Rewards is more than just about collecting and spending points. It is a whole new rewarding experience that lets you access the things you want to enjoy, much faster.

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