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NETSECURE is a two factor authentication system to provide added security to your online banking transactions.

Different types of Netsecure available are

1. Netsecure with Webpin - You need to register one or more of your frequently used computer for Webpin. You will use this Webpin to receive Netsecure code.

2. Netsecure with Mobile Application – Netsecure code can be generated using Mobile App. You can install the Axis Netsecure app from App Store or Play Store to generate the OTP using the app

Register for Netsecure with Webpin

WebPin is a numeric pin (just like your ATM pin) which will provide your NETSECURE Code. Log in to Axis Bank Internet Banking and choose "NETSECURE with WebPin" option on the registration page. Once you have registered for Netsecure with Webpin you need to activate webpin on your computer.

View Demo on Netsecure with Webpin. Click here for a Demo

Once you are registered for NETSECURE with WebPin, whenever you register your private computer, you set a WebPin on its software security application. For subsequent logins from your registered computer, you are required to enter the WebPin you set, to generate your NETSECURE Code.

View Demo on Netsecure with Webpin. Click here for a Demo

Register for Netsecure with Mobitoken(Mobile Application) -

To register for "AXIS NETSECURE"

You need to have mobile phone with Android ver 2.3.3 or iOS ver 6 and above. You must ensure that your email ID and mobile number are registered with the Bank. Once you have ensured that, login to Internet Banking and select “NETSECURE with Mobile App” option on the registration page.

Download the app from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore and activate the app on your mobile phone. Follow the steps on Internet Banking to complete the registration process.

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