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    Xpress Money

    Xpress Money

    At Axis Bank we believe in making your Money Transfers fast and simple. We bring to you Xpress Money, the fastest growing global brands in instant Money Transfers in association with UAE Exchange & Financial Services Ltd. You need not hold an account with us to avail of the Xpress Money services. Walk into any Axis Bank branches and collect cash within minutes.

    Money Transfer Process

    1. Sender fills up the Xpress Money 'Send Now' form at an Xpress Money outlet abroad and pays the principal amount plus charges
    2. Sender collects a unique 16 digit XPIN and informs Receiver the XPIN, and the amount remitted
    3. Receiver visits the Axis Bank branch & fills up the Receive Now Form with transactions details
    4. Provides valid identification documents (ID Proof + Address Proof)
    5. Receiver collects money in Indian Rupees


    • No bank account required.
    • Service available at all Axis Bank Branches
    • No charges collected from the Receiver
    • Cash payments upto Rs 50,000 per transaction
    • Beneficiary can receive up to 12 payments in a calendar year
    • SMS to sender on payment confirmation


    1. Operates under the guidelines under the Money Transfer Service Scheme of RBI
    2. Personal remittance towards family maintenance and remittance favoring foreign tourist can be send through MTSS. (Trade related remittances, remittances towards purchase of property, investments or credit to NRE / FCNR / Donations, contributions to charitable organizations not allowed under this arrangement.)
    3. Maximum limit of USD 2,500 per transaction

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