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Gold Mohurs

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Gold Mohurs

Thought to be one of the first known metals, gold has been coveted throughout history for its beauty, scarcity, malleability, and uncanny resistance to rust and corrosion. Centuries ago, gold's unique combination of properties -- its sun-like color, its soft hardness and especially its imperviousness to decay -- imbued it with magical associations in the eyes of many. Because of these unique properties, gold has traditionally been the currency of choice for much of the world's population.

Gold Mohur Features

  • Axis Bank brings to you Gold Mohurs in the purest form!
  • Made in Switzerland, Gold Mohurs carry the Assay certification of being 24 carat, 99.99% pure!
  • It comes to you in a specialized packaging that is tamper proof so that its purity is preserved.
  • Available in 2 gms, 5 gms, 8 gms, 10 gms, 20 gms, 50 gms & 100 gms. Gold Mohurs of 5 gms denomination have Goddess Laxmi embossed on them.
  • Gold Mohurs can be bought over the counter in over 1400 branches of Axis Bank.

*Special Benefits available for Priority Banking customers. To know more, contact your Priority Banking Relationship Manager today!

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