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Axis Bank Annual Report 2019-2020 - Open to delighting customers

While scale, stature, presence, products and technology are evident manifestations of Axis Bank, one characteristic that binds all and transcends everything else is that we are an institution that is warm, friendly, empathetic and accessible to customers and all other stakeholders.


Axis Bank Annual Report 2019-2020 - Open to innovations

Open to a stronger WORKFORCE

Axis Bank Annual Report 2019-2020 - Open to a stronger workforce

Open to building COMMUNITIES

Axis Bank Annual Report 2019-2020 - Open to building communities

Staying on Course

Experience Open

Open to delighting customers

Aligned to emerging trends in the banking and financial services sector, we are implementing best‑in‑class digital interventions to enrich customer experience.


We have inculcated ‘first time right’ approach by building system‑based validations, which ensure that appropriate balances/ checks are conducted in real time to avoid rejections.

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  • Best‑in‑class bots for first level self‑service interactions and voice bots for interactive voice response (IVR) eliminating wait time
  • Enhanced use of machine learning/analytics to ensure auto‑tagging of interactions
  • Enriching service landscape by using natural extension of customer habits like Whatsapp Bot and Facebook/Instagram Chat Bots; also have email Bot for servicing and banking
  • Real‑time Speech Analytics for phone banking, helping us identify potentially damaging conversation between the agent and the customer
  • Introduced instant debit or credit card printing facility and platform for pre‑booking appointment to visit branch or for doorstep services

Smarter Process

We leverage big data and artificial intelligence (AI) for instant account opening. AI helps scrutinise the uploaded KYC documents and detects inaccuracies.


  • Implemented ‘Straight Through Process’ at front‑end teams, eliminating multiple hand‑offs by automating certain operations
  • Created unified front‑end ‘Saksham’ for a 360‑degree customer view; it acts as a single unified frontend, which connects with peripheral systems
  • Introduced ‘Single Sign‑on’ to avoid repeat authentication across applications
  • Introduced content management tool to ensure SOPs/guidelines are readily available to front end for better efficiency
  • 24x7 digital access, backed by digital experience centre and audio‑video interface
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Staying on Course

Experience Open

Open to innovations

Our customers are always evolving with the changing times. Therefore, we are thinking afresh every time we design new products and services for them and build better value that lasts.

Axis Bank Annual Report 2019-2020 - Experience Open to innovations
Axis Bank Annual Report 2019-2020 - Experience Open to innovations


We have built a strong Retail franchise and offer an extensive range of products, including deposits, retail loans, credit cards, forex cards, insurance, investment products, wealth management and advisory services to cater to a wide customer cross‑section.

We are focused on acquiring the right customer for the respective offerings and subsequently increase wallet share through higher customer engagements.

We are focusing on sourcing bulk of our customers digital only and are in the process of enabling digital transactions across all the online channels via mobile app and internet banking platform.

Growing Digital Prominence*


Of all financial transactions were digital


Of savings accounts were sourced through tablets


Personal loans were sourced through digital channels


Growth in registrations on mobile banking


Growth in total registered customers on the internet banking platform


Of the new digital registration are mobile first

*In Fiscal 2019-20


We have re‑organised this segment, creating an integrated franchise to cater to a wide range of organisations. Moreover, we have strengthened operations and service infrastructure to enhance our value proposition.

Empowering government entities

Axis Bank offers a wide range of services and solutions to government departments, public sector units (centre and state), autonomous bodies, educational institutions, local governance bodies, special purpose vehicles; and other entities to suit their banking requirements. Customised solutions are provided both in the digital and physical mode for collections and payments through key developmental initiatives, such as Digital India, Direct Benefit Transfer, E‑Procurement, E‑Mandi, E‑Nagarpalika, Online Payment Gateways and other cashless initiatives.

Current Account

Over the last financial year, we have started the journey of digitising the CA onboarding. We are in the process of introducing a tablet‑based tool for on‑boarding of individual and sole proprietor companies, thereby reducing the manual intervention by 70%. We are working on multiple other initiatives to digitise the CA journey

Cash Management Solutions

Bank has comprehensive and customisable cash management solutions (payments and collections) that enable faster fund movement by leveraging our extensive branch network and digital assets, such as PayPro, Power Pay, At Par Payment, Dividend/Interest Payment, Power Remote – Remote DD Printing, CMS Power Cheque other than normal payment channels.

Seamless online trade and forex solutions

TFConnect and Online Inward Remittance platforms have made trade and forex transactions easier, open, and accessible to our customers which acts as a one‑stop solution to initiate and authenticate trade finance transactions in a paperless environment.

Evolve and grow

Over the last 6 years, the Bank has created a unique platform Evolve – a knowledge sharing and capability building initiative for SMEs. During Fiscal 2019-20, the event was attended by 3,000+ participants, encompassing 35 industry experts who were the speakers at the events, reiterating our purpose of knowledge sharing among our SME customers.

Axis Bank Annual Report 2019-2020 - Experience Open to innovations


Our Commercial Banking Group focuses on the SME segment. The product basket includes lending products, such as working capital, term loans, project lending, lease rental discounting and unique and competitive forex, trade and cash management solutions to meet the individual requirements of customers. This ensures efficiency in delivering entire business solutions to the customer at one go.

A new loan on‑boarding and approval system is being structured to bring in better controls from a system perspective on TATs, building better underwriting capability based on analytical feed and creating a digital workflow for risk mitigation. A new digital tool is built to provide rich customer insights to relationship managers, enabling them to sell the right product and provide better solutions.

Staying on Course

Experience Open

Open to a stronger workforce

We are dedicated to building a strong and talented pool of people across our business segments. Our team travels the last mile to make customers aware that there is always an empathetic, all‑weather friend committed to serve.


The continuous success of any organisation is determined on how well it manages and motivates its people, as well as how it grooms talent and the leadership team.

ACElerate, an objective performance management system linked to the performance of businesses identifies and differentiates employees by performance level and concludes with a 2‑day tailored training programme.

We have also embarked on curating role‑based digital learning journeys and foster a ‘driven‑to‑learn’ culture. Strategic partnerships with virtual academia provide our top talent access to a comprehensive library of courses, available on‑demand.


Employees were a part of the ACElerate learning programmes, strengthening capabilities in credit risk, process excellence and operations


Our culture is inclusive and respects the contribution of each employee. As on 31 March 2020, Axis Bank’s total workforce was 74,140, of which 23% were women employees. They span the organisational hierarchy and geography. To deepen diversity at the mid‑senior level, the Bank has recruited 20 women through We Lead, our leadership programme for women, from India’s esteemed management institutes. Our new health care programme also extended coverage for partners and LGBT community.


Aligned to the business strategy of building in‑depth customer engagement, we scaled up our talent acquisition mechanism to onboard talent catering to additional footprint of 350 new branches. The Axis Bank Young Bankers and Axis Sales Academy programmes support a pool of entry level talent for our core businesses. The Bank is investing in the skills of the future and building capabilities in digital, engineering, credit analytics and information security.

Staying on Course

Experience Open

Open to building communities

For over twenty-five years, we have focused on widening our community interventions and supporting sustainable livelihood creation across the country. By being ‘Open’ to building deeper relationships with our stakeholders, we contribute to building resilient communities and sustainable local economies. In the true spirit of openness, collaborations remain an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach.

building communities 1


Axis Bank Foundation (ABF), the Bank’s CSR arm, reaches out to millions of households across rural, sub‑urban and urban India. ABF’s work is around the core theme of ‘Sustainable Livelihoods’ wherein it works towards creating and strengthening rural livelihoods and imparting skilling to youth,

including the differently abled, in rural and peri-urban areas. ABF works with experienced implementation partners with strong expertise in grassroots developmental solutions. Under its Mission 2 Million, ABF is committed to supporting 2 million households by 2025, and has adopted a progressive and knowledge‑based approach that is closely aligned to India’s developmental priorities. ABF is active in 7,097 villages in 153 districts in 22 states.


Our CSR interventions include efforts towards financial inclusion and literacy through both physical and digital interventions, formation and capacity building of women‑centric, self‑help groups and creation and expansion of rural micro-enterprises.


In the true spirit of being ‘Open’, Axis Bank actively supports a greater integration of persons with disabilities into the mainstream workforce and society at large. Its interventions focus primarily on enhancing employability of differently abled youth through specialized skilling interventions, and increasing sensitization on the rights of PwDs in India among various stakeholders.

6.92 lakhs

households/trainees impacted


In Ladakh, the Axis DilSe initiative enabled the transformation of 100+ government primary schools in the remotest parts of both Leh and Kargil districts, a truly inclusive and contemporary initiative.


In response to the rising incidences of floods and natural disasters in various parts of the country, we launched Axis Sahaayata in 2018 to pro-actively provide relief to disaster victims as well as support the relief and recovery efforts. Through Axis Sahaayta, we have helped secure and rebuild thousands of lives across India

Axis Bank stands together with the nation in our united battle to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We have announced setting aside `100 crores towards supporting our customers, employees, vendors, government agencies and the community at large in responding to the pandemic. We continue to work directly with communities and vulnerable groups towards supporting their relief and recovery.


Supporting quarantine centres

  • Converting schools, panchayat centres and other public infrastructure into fully equipped quarantine centres for home-bound migrant workers.

Health and hygiene support

  • Providing sanitization kits to community members and government agencies
  • Providing PPE kits to first responders and other front line worker
  • Initiating local production of masks to ensure steady supply

Ration distribution

  • Distributing ration kits to food-insecure households
  • Providing ration support to vulnerable communities including migrant workers
  • Linking people to PDS shops for obtaining rations
building communities 4


Keeping in mind the need for ensuring social distancing norms during the COVID-19 pandemic, we activated Mobile ATM vans across 8 cities, to ease citizens’ access to basic banking facilities. The Vans toured multiple residential areas in these cities, garnering a positive response from all community members.

Through micro-ATMs we facilitated 3.13 lakhs financial transactions for our rural customers totaling `64 crores in volume. 5% of these transactions were authenticated through IRIS Scan.

building communities 5

Stories that inspire us

Open is more than a sign on our door

Our people are our brand ambassadors who help customers in their hour of need. They support everyone who comes in through our doors, build lasting bonds and their actions speak the language of empathy.

Axis Bank Annual Report 2019-2020 - Stories that inspire us

“Only a few summers back, my wife suddenly fell sick. With my only son abroad, I had nobody around me to help. Those days were very tough for us. Out of panic, I reached out to my Axis Bank Relationship Manager, Pawan Singh. He was very close to me and we shared a cordial relationship. Pawan reached my residence almost immediately and helped me take her to the hospital. During her stay in the hospital, he would check up on me and my wife’s health regularly. He even made arrangements for her chemotherapy with the hospital, besides visiting her twice during the stay! After my wife recovered, I visited the branch, along with her and my son to show my deep appreciation of what the team had done for us, trademarking their ‘dil se open’ style.”

Chetla Branch Customer, Kolkata

I was never alone even during a personal crisis.

Beyond the insurance it was the relationship that saved me.

“Memories of the fateful day still haunts me. Last year in August, I suddenly began feeling unwell and had to be hospitalised. My family was not completely able to interpret the formalities involved in the process, having never availed the insurance before. The Branch Head at the Kagal branch assured my family with his knowledge, of cashless facilities for medical tests and subsequent treatment. I was later shifted for surgery to another hospital, where we faced procedural challenges. He stepped in to help us again, connected with concerned hospital authorities and simplified matters for the surgery to be conducted in time. After recovering, I was in tears the first time I spoke to him again and told him no words of appreciation could best describe my gratitude.”

Kagal Branch Customer, Kolhapur

“I will never forget that day. I think it was in the middle of October before Diwali a few years ago, when I suddenly received a text message requesting me to enter the OTP for a transaction I had not initiated. I realised then that my wallet had been stolen, with my debit cards in them. One of the debit cards was of Axis Bank and the other of a peer. I was starting to think that I would lose all my savings. I visited the peer bank first, but since it was after banking hours no one was ready to help me. When I reached my Axis Bank branch at Paldi, however, the guard outside gave my concern a patient ear. Since I was not aware of how to report and block my card online, he directed me inside to an officer, who sensed my distress and assured me that he would immediately help block my card. I told him about my other debit card from a peer bank and he took it upon himself to find the customer support helpline of the other bank and speak to them about my concern. I was delighted with their service and shifted my entire banking relationship to Axis Bank for their ability to respond to even the smallest needs of customers like me.”

Paldi Branch Customer, Ahmedabad

My life’s savings were saved.

Axis Bank Annual Report 2019-2020 - Stories that inspire us

Now I have more control over my finances and can’t be deceived.

“It happened around three years ago. Being a member of Krishna Self Help Group, we earn our livelihood by producing infant food and further selling it to an NGO. We are mostly occupied with our day‑to‑day work, and the task of managing our finances and collecting payments from the NGO was delegated to a few chosen individuals designated as Location Coordinators (LCs). These individuals were appointed by the NGO and the prevalent practice was for LCs to take pre‑signed cheques from us to the bank. The LCs would then collect on our behalf the funds that we received from selling our produce to the NGO. We trusted the LCs completely and such was our reliance on them that we never verified our dues. However, the Bank Manager of Axis Bank soon discovered that the money the LCs withdrew on the SHG’s behalf, would never reach us in full. The LCs would always pocket half the money and we were being defrauded by them. The bank manager then came and spoke to us personally to verify if we were getting our rightful share; and made us realise how we were victims of a fraud perpetuated by the LCs. He immediately lodged a complaint, educated us on the right practice and ensured that we received our actual dues. The bank executives assisted us throughout the process and thanks to Axis Bank, I am now confident that we will never be cheated this way again.”

Didwana Branch Customer, Rajasthan