Driving Positive Change in Our

As an institution actively working with diverse socio-economic communities across rural and urban India, we are equipped to play a leading role in helping society progress and become resilient. Promoting social equity and opportunities that enable the marginalised to grow and thrive has been a key part of our organisational approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our ‘OPEN’ philosophy continues to shape our strategy and actions towards creating long-term impact on the community. Our CSR interventions consciously strive to positively impact the lives of the most marginalised communities, such as those in India's Aspirational Districts or in the country’s remote regions.

Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion

The Financial Inclusion Program is our flagship intervention to promote the financial integration of, and opportunities for, economically weaker sections in rural and urban India. The program focuses on creating greater awareness on personal financial management, and introducing segments of the population to relevant government schemes and formal banking channels.

1.37million participants

In the Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion Program in 21 states in fiscal 2022

Education and Skill Development

Axis Dil Se

This is our flagship program in education that aims to provide children from remote regions in India access to quality education and learning opportunities.

Axis Dil Se Manipur completed its second year of intervention at the Lyzon Friendship School in partnership with the Sunbird Trust. The program’s infrastructural and pedagogical interventions at the school and student hostel led to the increase of student strength to 300+ students, primarily from tribal and rural communities.

In fiscal 2022, Axis Dil Se program was expanded to Majuli, Assam, India's only island district. We are also supporting the Hummingbird School, established by Ayang Trust, with a student strength of close to 240 (with 70 children in the hostel), who belong to the predominantly tribal population of the island.

Axis Bank Scholarship Program

Ashoka University: During the year, the Axis Bank Scholarship Program at Ashoka University in Haryana provided financial aid to 10 female undergraduate students from economically weaker backgrounds pursuing STEM-related disciplines at the University, supporting 30 students in total.

Plaksha University: This year, we initiated the Scholarship program Plaksha University in Punjab, through which we are providing financial aid to 16 students from economically weaker backgrounds and from Tier II/III and below towns pursuing undergraduate degree programs at the university.

Museum of Solutions, Mumbai

We continued our support to the ‘Museum of Solutions (MuSo)in Mumbai in collaboration with JSW Foundation. The Museum, scheduled to open its doors in fiscal 2023, aims to provide experiential learning beyond classrooms to children from all backgrounds and age groups.

Environmental Sustainability

We have undertaken a commitment to plant 2 million trees by 2027 in various parts of the country through experienced implementation partners. The targeted geographies for the plantations are The Sunderbans (West Bengal), Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. We are also supporting a Miyawaki plantation of 25,000 trees in Navi Mumbai.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Mission 2 Million

Axis Bank Foundation (ABF), our CSR arm, made strong strides towards achieving the ‘Mission 2 Million’ commitment by 2025 under our Sustainable Livelihoods programme. A significant milestone was achieved in December 2021, when we crossed the halfway mark of supporting 1 million households under the commitment.

Abhisaran 2021

In October 2021, ABF hosted a twoday online conference that brought together eminent panellists from across the industry and the development sector. The virtual event was attended by over 800 participants, namely stakeholders, development sector partners, our employees and many others from across India.

Supporting the Community During the Pandemic

  • Operationalised RBI’s COVID-19 regulatory package, offering payment moratorium to eligible borrowers
  • Offered Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme to eligible SMEs and small business banking consumers
  • Actively supported frontline workers across India with essential equipment and material
  • Funded immunisation in urban and rural areas in collaboration with relevant government and healthcare bodies
  • ABF partnered with NGOs to support rural communities with vaccine knowledge, access to medical facilities, grocery and medical help, and established and funded quarantine centres
  • ABF aided economically-disadvantaged communities by providing kits with food, medical and hygiene supplies
  • ABF facilitated timely dissemination of information about vaccines and enabled vaccination drives in rural communities
  • ABF supported setting up isolation centres in villages along with access to ambulance support and supply of oxygen cylinders.