Business Segment

Wholesale Banking

We enrich the ecosystems of several corporates who trust our abilities to deliver sound and secure one-stop solutions through One Axis.

Performance Highlights


New sanctions in the corporate book to companies rated ‘A‘ or better


Growth y-o-y in CBG* advances


y-o-y growth in Mid-Corporate book


Share of corporate advances to clients rated A-and above


y-o-y growth in CA deposit (QAB)


Rank in DCM~ for rupee bonds

* Commercial Banking Group
~ Debt Capital Markets

The Wholesale Banking Group delivers a 'One Axis' experience to our consumers. We continue to have a high penetration of nine or more products/services across the top corporate relationships, including at least two products/ services of our subsidiaries. We continues to focus on increasing the share of transaction banking or flow-based businesses that include current accounts, collection and payments solutions, trade services and forex remittances.

During the year, Corporate and Commercial Banking was reoriented for delivering execution excellence with segregated responsibilities of coverage and product groups, to ensure sharper focus.

Performance Review
  • The corporate loan book was `230,738 crores as at the end of fiscal 2022, up 4% over fiscal 2021, with a healthy mix of 34/66 between short-term and long- term loans. The focus segments of Mid-Corporate and Commercial Banking Group (CBG) showed impressive growth
  • CBG asset portfolio was `77,067 crores at the end of fiscal 2022, registering y-o-y growth of 26%. 96% of SME book is secured and is predominantly working capital financing. The CBG asset book remains healthy and well diversified across several geographical regions and major industrial sectors
  • Within the private sector banking landscape, we have been a pioneer in Government business offering competitive products and solutions. The Government business segment of the Bank witnessed a robust growth in fiscal 2022
  • The business growth remained sustainable with a higher focus on granularity, along with broad basing the client base
  • We continued with our strategy of having a sectoral approach to portfolio diversification and credit, focusing on identifying sector specific opportunities and risks to grow accordingly
Key Initiatives in Fiscal 2022

Our Open Customer centric approach has been at the forefront of bringing new products and services within the Wholesale Banking Group has, helping to transform consumer experiences

  • We remained agile on adapting technology-triggered disruptions by GoI and sourced a record number of 570 new mandates in fiscal 2022, as compared to 419 in fiscal 2021
  • We arranged a term SOFR linked trade financing deal, first ever by a private bank in India
  • We were able to successfully execute the industry-first, blockchain enabled domestic trade transaction
  • We conducted structured derivative transactions with leading Indian corporates, under the new RBI guidelines for OTC derivatives

Above are standalone figures as on/for year ended 31 March, 2022 unless otherwise mentioned