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Axis Pay

Get your VPA (Virtual Payment Address) for seamless payments across bank accounts


About Axis Pay


How Axis Pay works

One Time Registration

  • Download the Axis Pay app from Google Play Store
  • Auto SMS is sent from your mobile phone to Axis Pay. In case of phones with dual SIMs, select the preferred phone number registered with your bank.
  • Set a profile name and a unique passcode for yourself
  • Select your preferred bank from the list
  • Create a unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA) for the selected account
  • Verify the selected account using your Debit Card details and OTP
  • Set MPIN for the account. Use this MPIN for sending money to other Virtual Addresses (VPA)

Send or Ask for Money

Send Money –

  • Log in to the app
  • Select your Virtual Payment Address (VPA)
  • Enter/Select your beneficiary VPA
  • Enter amount
  • Authenticate your transaction by using MPIN

Ask for Money

  • Log in to the app
  • Select your VPA
  • Enter VPA of the person (payer) from whom you want to ask for money
  • Payer has to approve the transaction using MPIN on receipt of notification in the app


Safe Banking Practices

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Online Banking is an extremely convenient way to access you bank account, but it pays to be aware of the ways in which you can protect yourself and your money


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