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Avail the easiest way for accepting credit, debit and prepaid cards
for payment towards your products and services

Payment Acceptance Solution - Value Added Services

  • Value Added Services

    Merchant benefit - With EMI facility accept high value payments from your cardholders which would lead to increased volume and footfalls for your business. No customer documentation is required at the time of conversion to EMI

    Customer benefit – Convenience of opting to convert purchase in EMIs instantly at time of purchase. There is No Processing Fee, No down payment and No paper work

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    DCC facility helps you convert the sale price from INR to Cardholder's home currency at the time of transaction at your PoS terminal and Online Payment Solution.

    Cash@POS service helps convert your PoS solution into an 'Everywhere Teller Machine (ETM)' through which your customers can withdraw cash at PoS. PoS Solutions accepts all Debit Cards for providing this feature.

    Standing Instruction is an auto debit facility given to Credit Cardholders for payment of their bills of recurring nature. The facility is best suited for insurance premium collection, utility bill payments, magazine subscription or any other form of periodic payment.

    Axis Bank Merchant Mobile App is single integrated solution for merchants for accepting payments, reporting, offers notifications and much more. This App simplifies your payment acceptance experience by providing you service and support at your fingertips.
    Key benefits for merchants:

    • Simplified payment experience.
    • Online payment acceptance for small merchants.
    • No operational hassles and reduced chargebacks.
    • Hassle free service and support.
    • Offers relevant for you.
    • Customized analytical reports.
    • Available in multiple regional languages.

    Download the Axis Bank Merchant App now!
    Checksum Values of last 2 versions:
    Merchant_App_1.1.7 - eaadefda2b362d520c13baa52b065057
    Merchant_App_1.1.8 - 6b323d6849ec5ef2f1b04779c52afd59

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    Axis Bank Merchant Portal is a centralized repository for merchants to gain access to own-business and bank information. Merchants can login to portal and view demographic details, payment reports, raise change requests, view campaigns and much more.
    Key benefits for merchants:

    • Self-enable merchants to have direct access to data.
    • Reduction in Turn Around Time
    • Smooth and simplified support
    • Payment, Settlement, Transaction Report view, download facility
    • Maintaining transparency and accuracy of information
    • Quick enrolment for campaigns