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Corporate Internet Banking

Carry out online business transactions, securely and conveniently, from the comfort of your home or office

Mail your CIB related queries to or call us at 022-62175100 ( 9:30AM to 6:30PM, Mon-Sat on working days)

Getting Started

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Corporate Internet Banking

This service is available to any non-individual entity availing Axis Bank’s products and solutions

Axis Corporate Internet Banking comes with a host of benefits like:

  • Visibility & access to accounts
  • Single Page view of accounts, deposits, loans, cards, etc.
  • Visibility to average and projected balances of accounts
  • Facility to download account statements in multiple formats
  • Security and safe online banking - All transactions are protected by 2-factor-authentication which ensures that only authorised user can complete a transaction
  • Option to apply for an Initiator-Approver workflow
  • Convenient Financial Transactions
  • Flexibility to make fund transfers instantly or schedule one-time payment or schedule recurring payments
  • Simplifying salary payments to multiple beneficiaries via a single file upload
  • Online shopping across multiple merchants, billers and Tax authorities
  • Simple non-financial activities online
  • Set transactions as ‘favourites’ for quick access
  • Personalise your dashboard with replaceable, handy and informative widgets
  • Track status of cheques – both issued and that are in clearing
  • Stop payment instructions on issued cheques
  • Request for Demand Draft
  • Administrative functions
  • Manage users; reset passwords; create and manage rules and workflows

Application Process

  • a) View access: View-only access will allow users to view the transactions / statement of accounts linked to their User ID. However, they will not be able to transact on these accounts
  • b) Transaction access: Transaction access will allow users to do transactions on the accounts linked to the User ID. The following type of transaction accesses can be given:
    • i. Type A: Users can transact only between own linked accounts
    • ii. Type B: Users can transact between Own linked accounts, Third party accounts, Tax Payments & NEFT/RTGS/IMPS, Online payments (Payment to third party website via Net Banking)
    • iii. Type C: Users can only make Tax Payments

Yes. A user with Type C access can make EPFO and ESIC payments

You are required to submit certain documents at any Axis Bank Branch. The documents are as listed below:

Type of User Constitution Documentation applicable as per type of access
View Only Transaction Access
Authorized Signatory Sole Proprietor
Company / LLP
Trust / Society
CIBF+Partnerhsip letter (If partner) CIBF+POA (If not partner)
CIBF+Board Resolution
CIBF+Board Resolution
CIBF+Govt. Order
CIBF+Board Resolution
Non-authorized Signatory Sole Proprietor
Company / LLP
Trust / Society
CIBF+KYC+Partnerhsip letter (If partner) CIBF+KYC+POA (If not partner)
CIBF+KYC+Partnerhsip letter (If partner) CIBF+KYC+POA (If not partner)
CIBF+KYC+Board Resolution
CIBF+KYC+Board Resolution
CIBF+KYC+Govt. Order
CIBF+KYC+Board Resolution

Once the documents are submitted, your request will be processed in 3 working days subject to fulfillment of document scrutiny by bank. You will receive an SMS with details of your Corporate ID and Login ID. In case you do not receive any communication, please contact your Axis Bank Branch/RM for more information. There could be discrepancies in the request submitted

Sample CIB form is available at :

Sample Board Resolution available at :

Sample indemnity clause available at :

CIB has a two-tiered login wherein every corporate customer is issued a Corporate ID and all users under that corporate will be issued a Login ID. In order to access CIB, a user must enter the Corporate ID and Login ID.

For example, Surya working for Vamshi Auto Pvt. Ltd. will use Corporate ID VAMAUT and Login ID SURYA to login.

Corporates cannot alter the Corporate ID issued by the bank. For corporates using CIB for the first time, they may fill up their preferred Corporate ID in CIB form and it will be allotted subject to availability.

User ID can be entered by the user and will be allotted as long as there is no repetition under the same corporate.

Corporate ID and Login ID are not case sensitive, i.e. can be entered in CAPITAL/SMALL LETTERS/BOTH.

  • Password should be of at least 8 characters without any space
  • It should mandatorily contain alpha-numeric characters
  • Should contain at least one Special character
  • Following characters are not allowed "()[]@.:;\"
  • New password cannot be as same as your previous 3 password(s)
  • Don't put a password same as User name

The password will expired within 90 days after issuance.

Profiles for Users in Corporate Internet Banking are as listed below:

  • Enterer: can initiate transactions that will need to be approved
  • Approver: can approve transactions initiated by others
  • Enterer & Approver: can enter and approve transactions singly
  • Viewer : can only view accounts and not transact on them

Transaction limits can be set to control CIB usage as per the corporate’s requirements.

For a corporate, the following limits can be set:

  • Daily limit: Maximum amount of transactions that can be done by all users put together, under a corporate in a day
  • Weekly limit: Maximum amount of transactions that can be done by all users put together, under a corporate in a week
  • Monthly limit: Maximum amount of transactions that can be done by all users put together, under a corporate in a month

In addition, the following limits can be applied to CIB users under a corporate:

  • Daily limit: Maximum amount of transactions that can be done by a particular user under a corporate in a day. Different limit can be set for each user.
  • Per transaction limit: Maximum amount up to which a particular user can make a single transaction

No. The transaction limits can be set as per the requirements of the corporate. If you do not wish to set any limit, fill CIB form as UNLIMITED.

Mobile number and email ID registration are mandatory for all type of users, i.e. maker, checker, viewer etc. NetSecure is a security feature wherein a One-time Password (OTP) is sent to you by the Bank while conducting a transaction. It is a 2nd factor authentication which in addition to login ID and password, ensures heightened security for your online transactions.

NetSecure registration is mandatory for initiating financial transactions through Corporate Internet Banking and for online setting/resetting of password. Also Bank shall send security alerts to users.

You can avail OTP through

  • SMS – OTP will be sent through SMS to registered mobile number after one time registration
  • One Touch Device - You can generate OTP using the 1-Touch device. The NetSecure with 1-touch device is provided by the Bank at nominal fee of Rs.1000 (plus taxes) per device for the first device & Rs.800/- (plus taxes) per device for replacements.

No. All users within a corporate must have unique mobile numbers and email IDs registered for the purpose of security.

Yes. Users can fill-up the international number in the CIB form along with the appropriate Country Code.

You will receive your One-touch device at your registered address within 7 to 10 days.

The OTP will expire after 90 seconds.

Kindly get in touch with your Axis Bank Branch/RM and raise a complain regarding the same.

Yes. Corporates can implement a maker- checker process for greater control over the transactions being made on their accounts. Different profiles can be chosen for each user depending on the role played by them within the corporate.

The number of approvers required for processing transactions by a particular user (Enterer) through Corporate Internet Banking can be defined by entering the information in the space provided for No. of Approver(s) required. Those many users having Approver profile will have to approve the transaction initiated by the Enterer.

For example, if a transaction initiated by a user needs to be approved by two other users, the number of approvers in this case will be 2. A transaction initiated by this user will have to be approved by 2 users with Approver profile.

CIB access is given at Account Level. Account linking is a process where out of the list of accounts pertaining to the corporate, specific accounts are mapped to specific users and this is done as per instructions are provided by the Corporate. Users will only have access to accounts that have been linked to their User ID.

For example, if a corporate has 5 accounts under their customer ID, user A may be mapped to 3 of those accounts whereas user B may be mapped to all 5 accounts.

The CIB form can be used to make any modifications to an existing user under a corporate. The CIB form can be used to create a new user, delete an existing user or make any of the following modifications to an existing set-up:

  • Modify transaction limits for the corporate
  • Modify transaction limits for a user
  • Register New/Change the mobile number and/or email ID of a user
  • Modify the User Profile
  • Switch Channel for OTP
  • Modify the transaction type access given to a user
  • Link/delink specific accounts for a user
  • Opt for commercial cards, TFConnect etc.

Corporates have to provide Instructions for modifications through a duly filled CIB form at their Axis Bank Home Branch. For existing users, only the fields that are to be modified should be filled up (Please refer to sample CIB form here. These instructions have to be accompanied with the below listed documents:

  • Corporate Internet Banking Form (available at our Bank Branches)
  • KYC documents (for non-authorized signatory only)
  • Board Resolution of the Company/Partnership deed/Govt. order as applicable.

On receipt of the complete set of documents, the request will be processed in 3 working days, subject to fulfillment of document scrutiny by bank. To know more about the status of your request, please visit your Axis Bank home branch or contact your Relationship Manager.

You could place a request for deleting an existing user through a filled CIB form at any Axis Bank Branch or through your dedicated Relationship Manager. Select Deletion under Request Type and enter the details of the user to be deleted.

Once the form is submitted, your request will be processed in 3 working days. To know more about the status of your request, please visit your Axis Bank home branch or contact your Relationship Manager.

Status Enquiry

Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) can be used to make the following transactions:

CIB can also be used to raise the following requests:

  • Online password generation
  • Statement generation
  • Demand Draft request
  • Cheque Book request
  • Stop Cheque request
  • View FD accounts
  • View CC/OD accounts
  • View EEFC accounts
  • View and pay commercial cards
  • Submit request to update PAN

To know more about the features of CIB, view the demo videos here

Salary files can be uploaded using CIB 24/7.

  • Batches of salary upload files are run every 30 minutes. However, due to traffic, the time to execute your salary upload file may be longer.

Bulk NEFT/RTGS transactions are not allowed. Bulk uploads are allowed for transactions to Axis bank accounts only.

You can initiate an NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, Fund Transfers and ESIC/EPFO payments through Internet Banking and the status of these transactions can be seen under transaction history using the below steps:

Login to Internet Banking >> Click on Payments >> Click on Transaction Status Enquiry >> Select Date range or transaction filters available in the system according to your requirement >> Click on Search and Transaction Details along with Status would be displayed according to the search criteria >> Click on View More Details to view more details regarding the transaction

  • Stop Transaction – This helps you Stop Transactions that have already been approved
  • Recall Transaction – This option helps you recall transactions before approval
  • Modify Transaction – This helps you Modify details of transactions that have already been approved
  • Copy Transaction – This helps you copy transaction details to make similar payments again
  • Set as Favourite Transaction – This helps you to set transactions as favourite to make the same payment

Yes, you may schedule a transaction by entering a future date while making a transaction. It will be executed on the day specified.

The transactions should be approved within the following period, else they will become expired:

  • EPFO – on the same day
  • Other transactions – within 10 days
  • Log in to CIB
  • Under Accounts, choose Operative Accounts
  • Select the account for which you require the statement, then click on Detailed Statement
  • In the drop-down menu, select MT-940 as statement type and then click on PDF or Excel
Status Tag Field Name Content/Options
M 20 Transaction
Reference Number
O 21 Related Reference 16x
M 25 Account
M 28C Statement
M 60a Opening Balance F or M
O 61 Statement Line 6!n[4!n]2a[1!a]15d1!a3!c16x[//16x] [34x]
O 86 Information to Account Owner 6*65x
M 62a Closing Balance (Booked Funds) F or M
O 64 Closing Available
(Available Funds)
O 65 Forward Available
O 86 Information to
Account Owner


When the first character of subfield 6 Transaction Type Identification Code is 'N' or 'F', the remaining characters may contain one of the following codes:

BNK  Securities Related Item - Bank fees

BOE  Bill of exchange

BRF  Brokerage fee

CAR  Securities Related Item - Corporate Actions Related (Should only be used when no specific corporate action event code is available)

CAS  Securities Related Item - Cash in Lieu

CHG  Charges and other expenses

CHK  Cheques

CLR  Cash letters/Cheques remittance

CMI   Cash management item - No detail

CMN  Cash management item - Notional pooling

CMP  Compensation claims

CMS   Cash management item - Sweeping

CMT   Cash management item -Topping

CMZ  Cash management item - Zero balancing

COL  Collections (used when entering a principal amount)

COM  Commission

CPN  Securities Related Item - Coupon payments

DCR  Documentary credit (used when entering a principal amount)

DDT  Direct Debit Item

DIS  Securities Related Item - Gains disbursement

DIV  Securities Related Item - Dividends

EQA   Equivalent amount

EXT  Securities Related Item - External transfer for own account

FEX  Foreign exchange

INT  Interest

LBX   Lock box

LDP  Loan deposit

MAR  Securities Related Item - Margin payments/Receipts

MAT   Securities Related Item - Maturity

MGT  Securities Related Item - Management fees

MSC  Miscellaneous

NWI   Securities Related Item - New issues distribution

ODC  Overdraft charge

OPT  Securities Related Item - Options

PCH  Securities Related Item - Purchase (including STIF and Time deposits)

POP  Securities Related Item - Pair-off proceeds

PRN  Securities Related Item - Principal pay-down/pay-up

REC  Securities Related Item - Tax reclaim

RED  Securities Related Item - Redemption/Withdrawal

RIG  Securities Related Item - Rights

RTI  Returned item

SAL  Securities Related Item - Sale (including STIF and Time deposits)

SEC   Securities (used when entering a principal amount)

SLE  Securities Related Item - Securities lending related

STO  Standing order

STP  Securities Related Item - Stamp duty

SUB  Securities Related Item - Subscription

SWP   Securities Related Item - SWAP payment

TAX   Securities Related Item - Withholding tax payment

TCK   Travellers cheques

TCM   Securities Related Item - Tripartite collateral management

TRA   Securities Related Item - Internal transfer for own account

TRF  Transfer

TRN   Securities Related Item - Transaction fee

UWC  Securities Related Item - Underwriting commission

VDA   Value date adjustment (used with an entry made to withdraw an incorrectly dated entry - it will be followed by the correct entry with the relevant code)

WAR  Securities Related Item – Warrant

  • Limit consumed for the day

    This implies that the per day limit of the User or Corporates has exhausted. Kindly submit a request to enhance the limit along with the following documents: Board Resolution, CIB Form

  • You are not authorized to approve this transaction

    As per workflow defined for each corporate, a particular user may not have the rights to approve transactions beyond a set amount. Authorizers belonging to a different group will have the necessary powers to approve such transactions. You may modify your workflow by submitting the following documents: Board Resolution, CIB Form

Tax Payments

CIB can be used to make the following tax payments:

Central taxes

  • CBDT
  • CBEC

State taxes

Andhra Pradesh Chhattisgarh Delhi
Gujarat Madhya Pradesh Karnataka
Odisha Punjab Tamil Nadu
Uttarakhand West Bengal Assam
Telangana Tripura

CIB can also be used to make statutory payments such as ESIC and EPFO.

Axis Branches can make online tax payments on behalf of customers. Please visit your branch to make tax payments if your daily limit has exhausted.

The original Tax Challan is generated at the time of making the tax payment. However, if you are unable to generate it at that time a duplicate tax challan can be generated at a later date.

You could generate a duplicate challan using the below link:click here .

Please enter the iConnect Payment ID generated at the time of payment, the amount of the payment and the date.

Log in to the VAT tax payment website by using your secure login credentials and click on the option to generate and download the duplicate challan

Online Tax payments once made cannot be modified/refunded. The same has to be taken up with your ASSESSING OFFICER in INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT for adjustment.

Online Password Generation

  • CIB password can be generated using the Green Pin option available on the login page.
  • On the CIB pre-login page, select ‘Set/Reset password’ option.
  • Enter the following fields for authentication:
    • Corporate ID & User ID (received via SMS for new users)
    • Registered mobile number (Entered at the time of form filling)
    • Official email ID (Entered at the time of form filling)
  • Note: During process of password generation/reset, if incorrect credentials are inputted five times, CIB disallows further attempts till end of day and the same is communicated through a message on the screen. However, you can retry after 12 am.

  • On successful validation, an email with unique URL link is sent to your registered official email ID. (Validity of the URL link is 30 minutes only. If link expires, user needs to re-initiate the process from Step 1, by clicking on ‘Set/Reset Password’ option)
  • On clicking the link received via email, you will be led to “Generate Password” page. Then, one of the following options should be selected:
    • Set Login password
    • Set transaction password**
    • Set both login and transaction password
  • **Applicable only for user with transaction rights

    Note: Users with transaction access may choose to generate one of the two passwords later, viz., login password & transaction password (i.e. User may repeat the same process, to generate the other password later, if required)

  • Enter the desired password, complying with the rules displayed to set a valid password. Re-enter to confirm the new password & click “Submit”.
  • CIB prompts to enter the OTP received on registered mobile number to authenticate the user who has accessed the “Generate password” page.
  • CIB page displays acknowledgement message confirming successful generation/reset of password. You may instantly login to start using CIB.
  • The password generated via Green pin can be used with immediate effect and NEED NOT be changed during first login
  • Login password - This is required for logging in to Corporate Internet Banking and to view account details.
  • Transaction Password - This is required for initiating transactions like fund transfers, bill payment, service requests etc

New users requesting CIB access will automatically receive the Corporate ID and User ID via SMS for generating Green pin online, on the mobile number & official email address filled in the CIB Form (CIBF).

As a security feature, the Bank will lock password if multiple incorrect attempts are made.

  • Login Password - In case of 5 incorrect login password entries, the system disables the password for the calendar day. It will be enabled the next calendar day
  • Transaction Password - In case of 10 incorrect transaction password entries, the system locks your transaction password for the calendar day.

Security & Safe Banking

CIB provides multiple layers of protection to secure your online banking experience:

  • 128-bit encryption to keep your transaction safe.
  • Two levels of passwords (Login and Transaction) to provide enhanced security to all your transactions.
  • Second factor authentication in the form of NETSECURE code for carrying out all financial transactions.
  • Corporates also have the option to apply for an Initiator and Approver facility for all financial transactions.

If you suspect that there has been an unauthorised transaction in your account, please report it to the Bank immediately by mailing to or calling on 022-6217 5100. You may also contact your Branch or Relationship Manager.

To protect your account from fraud please take care of the following:

  • Keep your passwords secret and change them often – Do not share your passwords or NETSECURE codes with anyone. Change your passwords often. Changing passwords often helps in protecting your account even if inadvertently you may have disclosed it to someone. You can change your login and transaction password from My Profile section after logging in.
  • Make your password difficult to crack – Axis Bank has created protocols for setting passwords to keep your passwords safe. In addition, when you create your password, do not make it similar to your user ID or any other information that is easily available. This will ensure that the passwords are very difficult to crack.
  • Avoid using cyber cafes to access your internet banking accounts - PCs at cyber cafes may be infested with viruses and Trojans that can capture and transmit your personal data to fraudsters. The easiest way to grab information is key logging software, which records all the keystrokes you typed, to be retrieved later for fraudulent usage. Beware of typing passwords on unknown PCs.

    In case you have used a cyber cafe for accessing your account, ensure to do the following:

    • Always use the virtual keypad to type in your password.
    • Don't leave the computer unattended after logging into Axis Corporate Internet Banking.
    • Always log out of Axis Corporate Internet Banking by clicking "logout" on the website.
    • After logging out, close all the windows and clear the cache of the browser.
  • Keep your computer secure - Some phishing emails or other spam may contain software that can record information on your Internet activities (spyware) or open a 'backdoor' to allow hackers access to your computer (Trojans).

    Installing anti-virus software and keeping it up to date will help detect and disable malicious software, while using anti-spam software will stop phishing emails from reaching you. It is also important, particularly for users with a broadband connection, to install a firewall. This will help keep the information on your computer secure while blocking communication from unwanted sources.

    Make sure you keep up- to-date and download the latest security patches for your browser. If you don't have any patches installed, visit your browser's website, for example users of Internet Explorer should go to the Microsoft website.

  • Check the website you are visiting is secure - if the address bar is visible, the URL should start with 'https://' ('s' for secured) rather than the usual 'http://'. If the address bar is not visible as in our Internet Banking website, look for a lock icon on the browser's status bar.

  • Validate the SSL Certificate - If you are in any doubt, click on the lock icon at the bottom of the secured page. This opens up a new window, displaying the SSL certificate information. Ensure that there is no Red Cross mark preceding the title 'Certificate Information'.

  • To ensure that you remain protected at all times

    • Never let anyone know your PINs or passwords
    • Do not write them down
    • Do not use the same password for all your online accounts
    • Avoid opening or replying to spam emails, as this will give sender the confirmation that they have reached a live address.
  • Never respond to emails that request personal information - At Axis Bank, we would never ask for your personal details through an email, nor would we ask for your password through any means, phone, fax or in-persons. If any of our bank personnel asks you for your password, do not disclose it and report him or her immediately to us. If you do not recognize an amount charged to you, please report the same in writing to Axis Bank immediately.

  • In case you suspect an email claiming to be from Axis Bank is fraudulent, please report it to the Bank immediately at

  • Note that the fact that the website is using encryption doesn't necessarily mean that the website is legitimate. It only tells you that the data is being sent in encrypted form.

Login Issues

  • Got to the CIB login page and click on Instantly Generate/Change Password
  • Click on Proceed on the instructions page
  • In the Please Note section, click on Having trouble in generating / changing password?
  • Fill your details in the form and click on Submit

Kindly advise your IT team to whitelist the sender email ID * to avail online password reset facility. IF you are still facing issues, follow these steps:

  • Got to the CIB login page and click on Instantly Generate/Change Password
  • Click on Proceed on the instructions page
  • In the Please Note section, click on Having trouble in generating / changing password?
  • Fill your details in the form and click on Submit

Please an email to with a screenshot of the error so that we can understand the issue and resolve your problem at the earliest. Click here to send an email.

You could also contact us on 022 6217 5100 between 9:30 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Saturday (2nd and 4th Saturday off).

If you have not used CIB for 90 days, your account will be deactivated.

Submit a written request letter to your Branch / Relationship Manager.

Transaction password is only required for users with transaction access. It will not be applicable for user with View-only access. Please get your access type checked from your Axis branch

In case you exceed the maximum number of permissible incorrect attempts, the account will get deactivated. Please submit written request at your Axis branch or to your RM signed by the authorized signatory.


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