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Bank Smart

Corporate Internet Banking

Carry out online business transactions, securely and conveniently, from the comfort of your home or office

Mail your CIB related queries to or call us at 022-62175100 ( 9:30AM to 6:30PM, Mon-Sat on working days)

Getting Started

Main Features

Now monitor, transact and control your bank account online through our net banking service. You can do multiple things from the comforts of your home or office with Axis Bank Internet Banking - a one stop solution for all your banking needs. You can now get all your accounts details, submit requests and undertake a wide range of transactions online. Our E-Banking service makes banking a lot more easy and effective.

View your bank Account Details, Account Balance, Download Statements and more.

Transfer fund to your Own Accounts, Other Axis Bank Accounts or Other Bank Accounts seamlessly.

Make all your tax payments by logging into Internet Banking and store your challans online.

Pay salaries as a bulk payment to all employees and you don’t have to make individual payments.

Get payments from all your vendors at bulk.

View the status of cheques.

View your complete Portfolio with the bank, Apply for IPO etc.

We at Axis bank follow best-in-class online security practices in order to safeguard your information while you are banking online. We are constantly at task for preventing fraud and thereby making all your net banking transactions completely safe.

NETSECURE is second factor authentication used by Axis Bank to provide a safe and secure net banking platform to all its transacting customers. All users who have the mandate from their organization to complete financial transactions online, need to register for NETSECURE

Register now for Axis Bank Corporate Internet Banking service to avail all these services.

New to online banking?

View our Online Banking Demo to get acquainted with our platform.

How to register ?

Please visit Axis Bank branch and fill up a Corporate Internet Banking form available at the branch.

  • Initiator*- The user may ONLY initiate financial transaction.
  • Approver - The user may ONLY authorise financial transaction.
  • Initiator & Approver -The user may initiate & authorise financial transaction.
  • Viewer-The user has only view rights and may not initiate/authorise financial transactions.

*Can access commercial cards.

  • Account level access: Users get access to only that particular account. If the corporate has multiple accounts, then the particular user wouldn’t get access to other accounts of the corporate.
  • A: Only Between own accounts.
  • B : Own accounts,Third party accounts,Tax payment and Power transfer, Online payment.
  • C: Only Tax payment.

*Can access commercial cards.

Salary Upload

Salary upload feature of Axis bank Corporate Internet Banking is a simple, convenient and secure way for you to make regular payments like salary of your staff.

  • Schedule the payment for a future date.
  • Upload a file through which all the salary payments are made in a single transaction.
  • Save time by executing multiple entries in the same transaction instead of issuing multiple cheques.

Step 1:- Create an excel sheet as per the below format mentioning the Salary detail.

Please note:

  • All contents except the salary amount should be in “text format”
  • Salary amount should be in “number format” upto 2 decimals
  • Recommended Excel format: 97- 2003
  • Total Debit amount should be equal to total credit amount

Step 2:- Please convert the Excel sheet into Text Format by using the below link.

The file has now been converted into “Text format”

Step 3:- Please log on to Corporate internet Banking and login using the “Enterer” ID, Click on the UPLOADS option and click on “ Make Payments” .

Here you have to fill up all the details like:

  • Amount
  • Remark
  • File Processing date (In case of scheduling a file), Month and Year.
  • Then click on the Look Up button for next level of authorization. You may click Work flow settings button for levels of authorization for selecting the authorizer.

Step 4:- Once all the details are correctly filled, click on “NEXT button” to browse the saved converted text file, enter the transaction password and click on “OK” button

A confirmation window would appear with the reference number.

Step 5:- Please log out as ENT and log in with the approver user id and password, click on the Authorize option -----> Approvals.

Step 6:- Click on Uploads, you would notice the bulk transfer approval details. Select the transaction and click on Approve/Reject button.

Step 7:- Then you have to click on the APPROVE button or REJECT button.

Step 8:- Enter your transaction password, Netsecure Code and click on the OK button to process the transaction.

Quick Tips

  • You can check the status of your transactions through the “Status Enquiry” option
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