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Campus Recruitment

Employee Testimonials

"I joined as a management trainee. I was thrown into the field - to learn how things work & was actually expected to contribute as well..."read more

Dilip Vaitheeswaran
Consumer Lending & Payments

Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment allows us to identify and nurture talent at an early stage. We visit various colleges and the identified students are placed at appropriate levels in the Bank. Our association with India's premier business schools has been long and rewarding for both sides providing for a challenging environment to support on-going learning and enriched professional development for fresh entrants.

Axis Ahead Summer Internship Program focuses on assisting new talent in identifying a career which complements their interests and abilities in the banking industry. The program is an eight week learning program that gives the interns ample opportunities to explore the various facets of a bank and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the business. It also gives a hands-on enriching experience, as well as an opportunity to network with the best in the industry.

Axis Ahead Summer Internship Program

The mentor and the student

The mentor and the student discuss the deliverables of the live project along with the timelines to provide a sense of direction and the overall objectives.

Mentor-Mentee Meets

Enables Interns to socialise with their Mentors/Buddies in an informal setting and to seek clarification on the project deliverables.

Project Engagement

Group exercise to make a Video Journal (VJ) about your experiences at Axis bank and can include interviews with senior leaders, discussions, montage etc.

Group exercise to make a print magazine on Axis Bank and can include interviews, debates, Q&As with Business Leaders, articles on current economic status etc.

Power Talks are interactive sessions with our business leaders to help understand the professional journey of our leaders.


The mid-term evaluation is signed-off by the Program Manager, Buddy & Mentor to give feedback and ensure that the candidate’s performance is as per the goals set.

Done to assess results achieved against the objectives & to evaluate the trainees from the perspective of future employment with Axis Bank.

Final Evaluation: PPO Process

  • Mentor/Buddy Assessment

  • Panel Assessment

  • Panel Assessment

  • Selected Candidate

The Axis Ahead program offers a holistic learning experience to young professionals who desire to make a career in the financial services sector.
It aims at attracting, identifying and developing the best-in-class talent into the organization and groom them to take on future leadership positions through differentiated experiences and leadership exposure. Young post-graduates from leading business and management schools are offered a structured 9-month intensive program. Continuous feedback, mentoring and a selection of rotational opportunities to take up strategic projects gives them a head-start in their careers.

Ranked no 7 on tier I business Schools across India as per the A.C Nielsen survey 15-16

Axis Ahead Management Trainee Program

career path

Selection Process


Axis Bank

Process on

  • GD
  • Personal Interview
The mentor and the student

The induction program will include welcome address by Senior Leaders, Power Talks by Functional Heads and an outbound program for 3 days.

Capability Building Programs

Capability building programs ensure that the management trainees understand the business value chain through exposure across various functions and verticals.

  • Banking Basics

  • Working in Teams

  • Knowledge Sharing

  • Credit & Forex Basics

  • Experiential Outbound Program

  • Mentor Mentee Meet

  • Selling Negotiation skills

  • self Directed Learning

Ranked No. 7 as a preferred employer on Premier Business Schools
as per the A C Nielsen Campus Track Survey 2014-15

Program Structure

Program Structure

Induction and
Orientation (15 Days)

Stint 1
(2 months)

Stint 2
(15 days)

Stint 3
(3.5 months)

Stint 4
(3 months)


June to September


Oct – Dec


Corporate Inductions (2 weeks)

Retail Exposure – Branch Stint

Rural Immersion Program

Functional Stint 1

Functional Stint 2

Outbound Program
Transitioning from
Campus to Corporate

Connect 1
Session on Rural
Immersion Program
Session on Retails
Power Talk – ½ day
Feedback on the
Branch Stint

Connect 2
Learnings from
the Rural Immersion
Stint Banking Basics
Power Talk – ½ day

Retails Banking,
Corporate Banking
& Corporate Center,
Special Projects

SME, Retails Banking,
Corporate Banking
& Corporate Center,
Special Projects


Program Evaluation

Final Deployment
(March – April)

Retail Branch Stint

Retail Branch Stint

The Retail Branch Stint has been designed to help trainees gain a hands-on experience in the overall functioning of our branches. It provides the necessary platform to understand customer behaviours, patterns and needs, product portfolio and overall business. It is closely monitored by the Program Manager.

Rural Immersion Stint

Rural Immersion Stint

Rural Immersion Stint creates awareness about the rural economy while taking trainees through self-reflections and provocation to make them more responsible and socially sensitive citizens. This is facilitated through a series of activities such as simulation games, interaction with experts and learning adventures.

Functional Stint 1 & 2

Functional Stint 1 & 2

Management Trainees will be deployed into various corporate departments like SME, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Corporate Centre and Special Projects. Considerable emphasis is laid on individual development of the MTs and the Functional Stints are decided basis business requirements and the Management Trainees’ career goals.

At the completion of the fourth stint, you will be awarded your first job posting (approximate two years) basis your career interest and organization's requirement. MT's are given an opportunity in the form of a deputation at reputed organizations/institutions such as the Planning Commission, IBIN etc.

Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process

For the first year, Management Trainees will be evaluated basis their performance set against their key responsibilities as per each stint. These evaluations would be carried out by their Reporting Managers and their evaluation will be final.



"My Association with Axis goes back to Axis Ahead Summer internship program. I interned with Private Banking team of Axis Bank and was offered a PPO.!! :). Axis Ahead MT Program gives one a lot of opportunities to experience different aspects of Banking. The idea of rotating through Functional stints is great and gives one a lot of exposure. The enriching work assignments, helpful team, great work culture, good work life balance are the USPs of Axis. I am sure this joyful journey with Axis will be even more joyous in the years to come. Cheers!! "

Deependra Kumar, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

"The Axis Ahead MT program gives an opportunity to the young bankers to experience each and every function of the bank. With the retail and rural stint being an integral part, the program helps all understand the nitty-gritty of the company and the industry. The rotation policy and short stint of 3 months across different departments, helps the trainees take an informed decision regarding the final posting. Also, regular exposure and interaction with the top management and leaders help boost morale of the trainees."

Laxmikant Khabra, S.P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai

“Axis Ahead program has a very structured and holistic approach towards developing future leaders for the bank. It will indeed keep you 'ahead' in your career progression. The good mix of customer facing roles at branches, rural immersion program and functional department stints has benefitted me in getting a wholesome view of the bank and above all, of the industry. My peers in the Axis Ahead program have always motivated me and provided me with some of the great insights inside as well as outside the bank. The top management is very accessible to MTs and they provide all the necessary support whenever required. I can assure all the future MTs that you will have a very smooth cruise towards your career goals in the Axis Ahead program. After all, Axis Bank believes that 'Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi.....'”

Ankur Yadav, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

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