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Life at Manipal Bangalore Campus

Student Life

Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, the life of a student at the Manipal Academy of Banking is a fully enriched learning experience. The learning imparted here is not only restricted to lectures and classrooms. Over the course of 9 months at the campus, learners are exposed to various facets of experiential learning which results in the over- all growth of a learner – personally and professionally.

A typical weekday starts with classes from morning 9am to evening 6pm. The lush green, calm surroundings and comfortable classrooms ensure that there are minimum distractions for a student and provide an atmosphere conducive to learning. Learning is imparted through classroom contact, guest lectures, simulation games, practical exercises, presentations, role plays and group projects. Self-learning and peer-learning is an important part of the daily life of a learner. Apart from knowledge, the learner gets an experience of group dynamics and learns to perform as part of a team.

Life at Manipal Academy of Banking is not restricted to academics. A game of table tennis or chess beckons them after a hard day in campus. They also look forward to be a part of the various cultural programs or to win glory in the sports tournament. They test their knowledge in various quizzes and become socially responsible through various social activities.

This rich experience shapes out the personality to develop, prepare and equip them for the challenges faced when they transition from Campus to Corporate life in the banking industry. A learner joins in as a fresher and gets transformed into a well groomed banking professional by the time they leave to start their career with Axis Bank.

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