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Rules & Regulations

Guidelines for discipline during and after the course duration

AXIS BANK is a well-known Private Sector Bank. Manipal Group is the national leader in the field of education. Therefore, it is imperative that all students of the Axis Bank Young Bankers Program maintain the image of the Academy as a premier professional organization and to impose on themselves a good conduct. It is incumbent upon all to maintain consistent standards of personal conduct. The participants would be expected to maintain proper decorum both in the Academic Block and in the Hostel. They would also be required to behave in a responsible manner when they are outside the school.

List of Prohibited Articles/Acts:

  • Consumption of Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, tobacco in any form is strictly prohibited in the Campus and also in the Hostel. Participants are also not permitted to come to the hostel after consuming alcohol from outside. 
  • Fireworks are not permitted in the campus or the hostel. 
  • Holi colors’ are not permitted inside any building. Holi will be celebrated only in open spaces nominated by the authorities.
  • Possession, consumption and offering of narcotic drugs in any form is totally prohibited. Any violation will invite severe disciplinary action.
  • Stealing or unauthorized possession of items belonging to any other person would be viewed seriously.
  • Possession, accessing it over the internet or displaying of any pornographic material in any form will invite severe disciplinary action.
  • No private conveyance like motorcycle/scooter/car, etc is permitted in the School. 
  • Sexual harassment in any form would be viewed very seriously and will entail immediate disciplinary action, including removal, without notice. 
  • Ragging in any form is prohibited both in the precincts of the campus as well as in the precincts of the Hostel and during the entire duration of the course. This would also entail removal from the rolls without notice.
  • Use of violence or physical manhandling of another PO or any other person will invite severest disciplinary action.




There will be separate wardens for the gentlemen's and the ladies' hostels. The wardens would be responsible for the discipline in the hostel and for allotment of the rooms. The concerned Warden heads the Hostel Management Committee. The wardens will be assisted by hostel supervisors and other staff who will be responsible for maintenance of the buildings and other assets. In addition, floors in charge would be nominated to join the management Committee who will assist the wardens in the day to day functioning of the hostels. Similarly, a Mess Committee would be formed to assist the warden in smooth running of the hostel mess. Aim of setting up the management committee is to ensure a clean and secure living environment that is conducive for the academic advancement.

Gentlemen are not permitted to visit the floors of the hostels earmarked for the Ladies. Similarly, ladies are not permitted to visit the Gentlemen's rooms or the floors occupied by them.

All residents are expected to be properly dressed before they come out of their rooms. They should not be found roaming around in the corridors improperly dressed.

Allotment and Vacating the Hostels

Rooms would be allotted to the residents by the warden. The allotment would be valid for the complete duration of the Programme. Residents shall not change over to any other room except with the written permission of the warden. Residents may be required to shift to other blocks/rooms in organizational interest, as and when directed by the hostel authorities.

Residents are advised to check all fixtures and fitments in their respective rooms as per the inventory at the time of occupation.

Residents would be required to vacate the hostel at the time of proceeding for the internship during the fourth trimester. Any damage to the hostel property in their respective rooms would have to be made good by the Residents.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Residents must tidy up their rooms every day before leaving for classes or going out of the hostel.

Any request for repair or maintenance should be entered in the registers specifically kept for this purpose with the hostel warden. Residents must bring to the notice of the supervisory staff any failure or breakdown in electric supply. They should not attempt to repair the defects in the mains or in the distribution system.

When leaving their rooms, the residents must switch off all lights, fans and water taps.

Bed linen would be changed at stipulated intervals by the supervisory staff.

Residents are advised not to deface the walls of the hostels by pasting posters etc. Similarly, no alterations of any nature are permitted.

The rooms and surroundings must be kept neat and clean. Services of cleaners would be provided by the hostel.

Cooking in the hostel rooms is not permitted.

Pets of any kind are not permitted in the hostel premises. Feeding of stray dogs and cats or any other animals is not permitted in the hostel premises.

All residents would be necessarily required to dine in the Resident's Mess. They would be expected to adhere to the laid down timings.

General Conduct

Playing of loud music and disturbing other residents is not permitted. Any absence from the hostel at night must be with the specific permission of the warden.

Residents are not permitted to allow their rooms to be used by any other person.

Visitors must be entertained in the areas specifically earmarked for them.

All residents must inform the warden about any disciplinary or other problems concerning them or their roommates / neighbours.

No television is permitted to be kept in any hostel room.

Playing of any outdoor games in the corridors of the hostels is not permitted.

The Wardens or their representatives may enter any room for verification at any time of the day or night.

All residents must return to the hostel latest by 7.30 pm (girls) / 10 pm (boys).

Residents are advised not to keep any valuables or jewellery, etc in their rooms. All expensive items must be kept under lock and key when the residents are not in their rooms. The management will not be held responsible for loss of any valuables. All rooms when the residents are not present must be locked and the key handed over to the security by the last occupant leaving the room. Residents are not permitted to bring any type of private conveyance to the hostel.

Complaints and Representations

All complaints shall be made in writing and addressed to the warden.

Residents are not permitted to convene meeting of any sort in the hostel premises without the prior permission of the warden.

The applicants are expected to abide by all the rules, regulations and processes of Axis Bank and of Manipal Global Education.

Code of Conduct

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