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Before Joining the Course

Who is eligible to register for the program?

Age limit 30 years, born on or after 1st April, 1989
Qualification: Only Graduates from any stream with: a. 50% and above in their FINAL year of graduation OR b. Aggregate of 50% and above in all years of Graduation

What will be the selection process?

The screening will be through a two stage selection process, which is aimed at selecting candidates who are most likely to succeed at various Branch banking roles offered by the Bank.

In which locations will the selection process be conducted?

The Bank will endeavour to give each applicant a test venue that is closest to his / her place of residence; however the Bank cannot guarantee the same.

The venue and centre allocated to the applicant will be mentioned in the call letter and the same will be final, no change being permissible in the test date, test time or test venue, once allocated. Candidates will be intimated through an e-mail to their registered email ID / SMS to their registered mobile number.The dates for the subsequent processes of interview will be announced at a later date for which successful candidates will be intimated through an e-mail to their registered email ID /SMS to their registered mobile number.

Is the program fully residential?

Yes, the program is fully residential. Hostel accommodation is provided for all participants in or around campus.

How is the room allotment done?

Rooms would be allotted to the residents by the warden on 'first come first serve' basis.

How to make fee payment?

The candidate can choose to fund the course themselves.

The candidate can also choose to apply for the Education Loan by Axis Bank at an interest rate of 13% per annum. Students interested in opting for the Education Loan from Axis Bank, may apply for the term sum figure for the two trimesters. Students can therefore obtain a high quality specialized course in Banking and Finance without any monetary burden on them and fully financed by the Bank.

During the Course

What is the duration of this course?

The Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Services (PGDBS) is a a one-year program.

What if the candidate drops out of the program in midst of the course?

In case of dropping out of the program in the midst of the course, fees paid for the course or any other expenses incurred with regards to the course, will not be refunded to the student and will need to pay off any loans taken towards this course

What would be the dress code on campus?

Formal dress, as laid down by the institute would be worn for all classes and other organized activities.

On which days will the classes be held?

Classes will be held five days a week from Monday to Friday with Saturday devoted to E-learning and Sunday being a weekly holiday.

Will there be any co-curricular activity involved?

Yes, co-curricular activities will form an essential part of the learning process, including lectures, seminars, group presentations, field visits, role-plays, simulated exercises, experiential learning and guided task assignments.

What is the minimum attendance required?

90% attendance is required for all classes.

Can we take leaves during the program?

Leave would be given only with the specific permission of the Program Coordinator, Axis Bank Young Bankers Program

What will be the Program delivery structure?

Program delivery will be in the form of class room lectures, tutorial discussions, seminars, laboratory tasks,e-learning modules, assignments, case studies, library research projects and other exercises.

Is there any Stipend given to the students?

Young Bankers will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs 5,000/- per month for the first 6 months to meet the out of pocket expenses and Rs.12, 000/- per month during the internship towards their living expenses.

Will there be any internet facility available?

The campus is well equipped with computer labs open up to midnight every day of the week. The campus has a high broadband connectivity enabling uninterrupted access to global knowledge.

Do we have to purchase books?

Text books will be supplied to all new students on returnable basis.

What will be the class timing?

The class timing will be from 9.00 am. to 7.00 pm.

Post Completion of the Course

Will there be any Bond / Service agreement applicable if the funds for pursuing the course are personally arranged by the applicant? Or if the funding is from some other financial organization?

There will be no Service Agreement or Bond that the candidate needs to sign for joining the Bank after this program.

What is the guarantee that Axis Bank will give a job after the course?

All the applicants selected will be given a Provisional Letter of Appointment at the time of joining the course. Job will be guaranteed only on the successful completion of the Young Bankers Program (6 months classroom , 3 months internship & 3 months On the Job Training).

What if the candidate is unsuccessful at completing the course?

Axis Bank guarantees the job to candidates who have successfully completed the course. The Bank will not be in a position to provide a job for the candidates who do not complete the course. The Provisional Letter of Appointment given at the start of the course will stand withdrawn without any recourse to you. Also fees paid for the course or any other expenses incurred with regards to the course, will not be refunded.

The Bank will not be liable to provide employment to the unsuccessful candidates.

Will there be a probation period once an applicant joins Axis Bank?

Yes, there is a 6 month probation period for all joinees to the Bank. The candidates from the Young Bankers Program will also be subject to this probation period.

When will I get the Post Graduate Diploma Certificate?

Normally it is given in convocation. However, for the postgraduate diploma, a participant has to fulfil the below requirements:

  • He/ She should have taken and passed in each course of study as prescribed in the curriculum to earn the minimum number of credits specified for that particular course.
  • He/ She would become eligible for the award of a diploma on acquiring requisite number of credits at the end of the program.
  • He/ She should have satisfactorily fulfilled other academic requirements (as specified in the course of study/ curriculum) like practical training, work visits, seminar, project etc.

What is the salary provided post completion of the course?

Salary provided post successful completion of the course is 4.12 Lakh CTC (This is inclusive of Loan benefits and Indicative Performance linked Bonus and Retirals. Break-up of the same is given in Stipend & Salary section)

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