#BucketList: 5 Global Shopping Festivals You Need To Shop At

If you ask us, happiness can have only one synonym; travel. Oh we love travel. To be honest, we haven’t even really met anybody who doesn’t adore travelling. Sure you’ll find some people who will complain about the airports and the flights, but travelling itself is one of those things that will bring a smile to every face and put a flutter in every heart worldwide. There’s just something about walking down new streets, tasting new cuisines, touring world-famous landmarks old and new, exploring a completely different world.

And the best thing about travelling for the shopaholics like me is the plethora of shopping options it opens up for you. The combination of convenient travel and shopping is the perfect recipe for euphoria, don’t you think? With this in mind, we decided to list down the top 5 shopping festivals around the world that every common globetrotter must put on their bucket-list. Go on, scroll on and update your shopping bucket list.

  1. Bangkok Night Markets
  2. When:

    All year round



    Though these are not technically shopping festivals, the night markets in Bangkok are by far the best place to shop in the world. With a carnival-like atmosphere with a huge range of items to browse and buy, snacks to devour, and bars and live music to keep you on your toes and in high spirits. Just like the rest of the world, Bangkok is also being taken over by the ever expanding shopping mall culture, and these night markets provide the perfect respite to it. These night markets are the best places to find local items crafted by some of the most skilled artisans in the city. These markets are especially popular with the younger crowd, who are tired of the overdone malls. Some of the most popular night markets are Rot Fai Market in Srinakarin, JJ Green, Asiatique and Patpong among others.

  3. Hong Kong Shopping Festival
  4. When:



    Hong Kong

    If you’re travelling around July-August, there is only one valid destination that comes to our minds, Hong Kong. Ranked as the best shopping city in the Asia Pacific region by the Global Shopper Index, this Asiatic city is most known for the Shopping Festival, which is one of the best ones out there. If the astonishing rate tags on top-notch international brands and the custom-free shopping are not enough to take your breath away, the festival also provides with a number of alluring entertainment shows, dazzling firework displays and a plethora of cultural programs like carnivals and traditional dragon performances. Step into this other-worldly delight and let the magnanimous experience take over you!

  5. Great Singapore Sale
  6. When:




    Held annually in June and July, this phenomenal eight-week long shopping extravaganza has been a major international event for more than two decades now. The entire city, with all its malls and precincts and suburban areas, goes on a major up-to 70 percent off sale, with tax-free shopping on souvenirs, fashion, luxury goods, and cosmetics. What’s even more alluring is that even dining experiences and special walking tours are discounted and there are a plethora of daily giveaways waiting to soothe a true shopper’s soul.

  7. Cannes Shopping Festival
  8. When:




    Also called as Palais des Festival, this 3 day long shopping spree is a fashionista’s dream come true. The city is abuzz with current trends and sartorial details that would satisfy even the most hard-to-please divas. What’s more, a number of fashion shows are also conducted during the festival, which include shows by some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Hundreds of designer boutiques and malls go on sale for these 3 days to present the ultimate in high street fashion and haute couture at remarkable rates. Though this festival is often looked at as an event catering to the female audience, it also provides a continuum of great stuff for the dapper man.

  9. Dubai Shopping Festival
  10. When:



    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The Dubai Shopping Festival can easily be called the most popular shopping festival in the world. In its 20th year this year, DSF is a mecca for shoppers all around the world because of its big sales and exciting offers on everything ranging from electronics to fashion and jewellery. The 32 day long festival includes a packed calendar of fashion shows and shopping items with up to 70 percent off at over 6,000 shops and 70 malls across the emirate. Not only does the festival offer enticing discounts and promotions, but it is also home to some of the world’s most popular events, music concerts, cultural shows, and product launches. And the much-popularised fireworks are just the cherries on the cake!

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    by Aanam Chasmawala @AanamC