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Get a health insurance policy without any sublimits on any disease

For claims call on 1800-425-4033

No Medical Tests

No medical tests on enrolment, for applicants upto 50 years of age and/or for sum assured upto Rs. 5 lakhs

No Sub Limits

No sub-limits on inpatient and domiciliary treatment, day care procedures and organ donor expenses

Tax Savings

Save upto Rs.30,000 under section 80D

Cashless Hospitalisation

Avail cashless hospitalisation at 3000+ hospitals

Features and Benefits

Entry age for Enrollment in MediPrime for an Adult is 18 to 65 years and for a Child is 91 days to 21 years. Policy is however renewable for life upon payment of premium provided the cover is maintained with us without a break unless cancelled due to fraud or misrepresentation.

It offers the option of 1 Year & 2 Years Term. For 2 year term plan, 5% discount on the Premium is available.

MediPrime offers 10 different categories of Hospitalization & In-Patient treatment related Coverages

  • Pre Hospitalization cover of upto 30 days from the date of Hospitalization
  • In-Patient or Hospitalization Benefits
  • Post Hospitalization cover for upto 60 days from the date of discharge
  • Accidental Dental Treatment & Hospitalization
  • Post Bite Vaccination treatment & hospitalization
  • Organ Donar expenses for organ harvesting
  • Domiciliary expenses for treatments taken at home
  • Ayush Benefit for In-Patient treatment through Alternate Medicines such as Ayurveda, Homeopathic, Unani & Siddha.
  • Daily Cash for accompanying an insured child during hospitalization.
  • Emergency Ambulance for Hospitalization.

There are 2 specific OPD Benefits in MediPrime.

  • Accident related Dental Treatment & Hospitalization.
  • Post Bite Vaccination Treatment & Hospitalization.

This includes the expenses incurred for the following in the event of hospitalization.

  • Room rent, boarding expenses & ICU.
  • Nursing & Medical Practitioners.
  • Anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances.
  • Medicines, drugs and consumables.
  • Diagnostic procedures.
  • The Cost of prosthetic & other devices implanted internally during surgery.
  • 30 days for all illnesses (except accident) in the first year and is not applicable in Section 3 b) subsequent renewals.
  • 24 months for specific illness and treatments in the first two years and is not applicable in subsequent renewals Section 3 c)
  • Pre-existing Diseases will be covered after a waiting period 48 months and it Section 3 d) will get reduced by 1 year on every continuous renewal of your policy.
  1. Cashless Hospitalization needs to be Intimated to FHPL (TPA)
    1. Emergency Hospitalization-Immediate and or within 24 hours of the Insured Person’s admission to Hospital.
    2. Planned Hospitalization- Immediate information and or atleast 48 hours prior to the Insured Person’s admission.
  2. Reimbursement Hospitalization needs to be intimated to FHPL (TPA)-
    1. Emergency Hospitalization-Immediate and or within 24 hours of the Insured Person’s admission to Hospital.
    2. Planned Hospitalization- Immediate information and or atleast 48 hours prior to the Insured Person’s admission.
  3. Claim submission in case of Reimbursement to FHPL (TPA)
    1. Within 15 days from the date of discharge of the Insured Person’s admission to Hospital.
  • Our claim form, duly completed and signed for on behalf of the Insured Person.
  • Original Bills (including but not limited to pharmacy purchase bill, consultation bill, and diagnostic bill) and any attachments thereto like receipts or prescriptions in support of any amount claimed which will then become our property.
  • All reports, including but not limited to all medical reports, case histories, investigation reports, treatment papers, discharge summaries.
  • A precise diagnosis of the treatment for which a claim is made.
  • A detailed list of the individual medical services and treatments provided and a unit price for each.
  • Prescriptions that name the Insured Person and in the case of drugs: the drugs prescribed, their price and a receipt for payment. Prescriptions must be submitted with the corresponding Doctor’s invoice.



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