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Life Insurance

Life insurance plans that let you protect yourself and your family
as well as generate income, offered by our Insurance Partners


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Life Insurance

Maturity / Death Benefits

Premium Payment Benefits

Other Benefits

Highest of 4 variable options available.

10 to 40 years xin interval of 1 year, Subject to Maximum Maturity Age.

Option to add riders to make your protection plan more comprehensive.

Non-linked non participating regular pay term insurance plan for comprehensive protection for you and your loved ones.

Nil, in case of Annuity for Life. Return of purchase price in case of annuity with return of purchase price option.

Single xonetime payment

Financial independence and comfortable lifestyle during your golden years.

A Traditional Immediate Annuity Plan With Guaranteed Income Benefits

Maturity: Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured, plus Accrued Paid Up Additions xif any, Death: Guaranteed Death Benefit, plus Accrued Paid Up Additions

10 Years, 15 Years or 20 Years

Protection cover uptill 100 years of age and flexible bonus options.

A Traditional Participating Whole Life Insurance Plan

Maturity benefit as per investment option chosen & Death benefit higher of fund or 105% of the cumulative premiums paid.

Single pay, Regular pay

Equity participation and a guarantee to protect your savings from market downturns.

A Unit Linked Pension Plan that helps you build retirement corpus.

Guaranteed death and maturity benefit

7 / 10 / 15 / 20 years

Life Insurance coverage till the age 75 years, Money Back feature

A Traditional, Participating, Money-Back Life Insurance Plan

Sum Assured plus the Fund Value

Term of 7 or 10 Years

Help wealth creation and balances the equity and debt exposure automatically

A Non-Participating Unit Linked Life Insurance Plan

Fund Value in case of maturity / higher of Sum Assured or Fund Value in case of death

Single Pay/5 Years x5 Pay / 20 Years

Portfolio strategies and multiple fund options

A Non-Participating Unit Linked Insurance Plan that provides financial security to you and your family.

Maturity Benefit of 100% of Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured along with Accrued Paid. On death of the Life Insured: Guaranteed Death Benefit

Flexible premium terms

Maturity and terminal illness benefits.

A Traditional Participating Endowment Insurance Plan With Guaranteed Death Benefit

Maturity: Fund Value as on Date of Maturity. Death: Lump Sum Payout on Death / Family Income Benefit xFIB / Funding of Premium

Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly & Monthly

Adequate funds at key educational milestones of your child.

A Non-Participating Unit Linked Insurance Plan

Guaranteed Death Benefit under the Plan. Maturity benefit: NA

This product allows Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Premium Payment Modes

Pure protection life insurance plan. Financial security and a comfortable lifestyle for your family even in your absence.

A Traditional, Non-Participating, Regular Pay Term Insurance Plan

Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured xGMSA

Annual only

Protection against market volatility.

A Non-participating Non-Linked Savings Insurance Plan

Death: Lump sum Benefit/ Policy Continuance Benefit. Maturity: Accrued compound reversionary bonus plus Terminal Bonus

Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly

Guaranteed monthly income long term financial goal planning

A Traditional Participating Money Back Life Insurance Plan

Maturity: Fund Value, as on Date of Maturity. Death: Higher of Sum Assured or Fund Value

Single pay, limited pay and regular pay

Wealth creation & comprehensive insurance protection

A Non-Participating Unit Linked Insurance Plan With comprehensive Life Insurance Cover

Accidental Death Benefit & Accidental Dismemberment Benefit

Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly

Additional protection benefits in case one meets with an accident, leading to dismemberment or death.

A Non-Linked Rider for additional protection benefits.

Paid with the base policy benefits

Is equal to the rider term

Financial protection in case you meet an unfortunate event during the base plan policy term

A Rider for Unit Linked Insurance Plans

Choice of Lump sum payable immediately or monthly income for 135 months to nominee. Policy continuance benefit.

8 Pay variant- 8 years / Limited Pay variant - Policy Term less 3 years

Flexibility to pay premium and enhanced protection through riders

A Non-Linked Participating Life Insurance Plan to fulfill your child’s dream plan

Maturity Benefit: No maturity or survival benefit is payable under this Rider, Death Benefit: Guaranteed Death Benefit paid as lump sum along with base policy Death Benefit xs.

The premium payment term of the Rider shall be equal to the Rider Term

Additional protection against an unfortunate incident. The benefits under this rider are payable along with the base plan benefit xs.

A Non Linked Rider For Additional Protection Against An Unfortunate Incident

Applicable only when life insured and policy holder and different individuals

Same as base product term

Waiver of all future premiums in case of dismemberment or diagnosis of eleven specified critical illnesses to policyholder or death of the policyholder

A Non-Linked Rider to Protect Against Critical illness, Dismemberment or Death


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