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Life Insurance

Max Life Fast Track Super Plan

Achieve your goals and plan finances better with the right portfolio strategies and fund options

Flexible Premium Payment Term and Policy Term

Options of Premium Payment Term and Policy Term to cater to your need

Guaranteed Loyalty Additions

Option to increase your funds with Guaranteed Loyalty Additions

Flexible investments

Choose from 5 Fund Options

Safeguard Funds

Against market volatilities with STP and Dynamic Fund Allocation

Features and Benefits

Key Benefits

0.30% of fund value shall be added to the fund by creation of additional units, at the end of every policy year starting from 11th policy year. The loyalty additions increase by 0.02% (absolute) each year thereafter. The additional units shall be created in different funds in proportion of Fund Value at the time of credit.

Loyalty additions will be payable only on Regular Pay for premium paying policies. In case of revival of policies, the loyalty additions for previous years will be paid based on the Fund Value prevailing at the revival date.

Systematic Transfer Plan helps you replicate a rupee cost averaging method on your Annualized Premium. Where you have chosen the “Systematic Transfer Plan” option, the Annualized/Single Premium received net of Premium Allocation Charge shall be allocated first to the Secure Plus Fund to purchase Units. Immediately thereafter and on each subsequent monthly anniversary, Fund Value of [1/(13-month number in the policy year)] of the Units available at the beginning of the month shall be Switched to Growth Super Fund automatically by cancelling Units in the Secure Plus Fund, and purchasing Units in the Growth Super Fund.

Dynamic Fund Allocation option is an investment strategy which in early part of your policy term invests in equity oriented funds and as your policy term progresses it shifts the fund allocation towards more conservative funds. You can opt for Dynamic Fund Allocation option only at the inception of policy. Under this option, assets under management shall be maintained amongst Growth Super Fund and Secure Fund in a pre-defined proportion that changes depending upon the years left to maturity

You may, at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Maturity Date, opt for a Settlement Option, pursuant to which the Company will continue to manage the Funds for you for a maximum period of five (5) years from the Maturity Date and make periodic payments.

At any time during the Policy Term, you have the right to surrender the policy by advising the Company in writing.

In case the premium is not paid by the premium due date, a Grace Period of 30 days from the due date of first unpaid premium will be allowed. During this Grace Period, the risk cover will continue and all charges under the policy will continue to apply.

For more details, please read the detailed product brochure available at

How plan works

On maturity, you will be eligible to receive an amount, provided settlement option has not been exercised, equal to the Fund Value, where the Fund Value will be calculated as:

Fund Value = Accumulated Units in Fund(s) X NAV of respective Fund(s) as on the Maturity Date

Please Note: In case the Maturity Date is a non working day for the Company or markets then next working day’s NAV will be applicable.

In case of Death of the Life Insured anytime during the term of the Policy, higher of Sum Assured or Fund Value (as on the date of death), subject to a minimum of 105% of all premiums paid, shall be payable.



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