Healthcare Benefits for the Family

Healthcare costs in India are experiencing a rising trend, making it harder for individuals to meet these expenses. In such a scenario, it is prudent to plan ahead of time for any such exigencies.

As a trusted Savings Account partner, Axis Bank has collaborated with Max Health care for an exclusive Health care partnership. This association helps you gain access to exclusive benefits on health care packages for the entire family. Simply flash your Axis Bank card to avail of these benefits.

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Lifetime Benefits for Your Family

  • Family
  • Seniors
  • Women
  • Kids
  • Special Services

Outpatient Services

20% discount
Consultations, Investigations and Diagnostics
25% discount
Max Standard Preventive Health Packges

In-patient Services

10% discount
Room Rent, Investigations and Diagnostics
Complimentary Expert
Opinion in 48 Working Hours
10% discount
Home Care Services (Pathology, Physiotherapy & Pharmacy)
5% discount
Home Aid Services (Nurse, Caretaker & Post-op packages)
10% discount
In-Hospital Services (Eye & Dental procedures)
10% discount
Max Healthcare Child Birth Packages
Waiver on the Vaccination Administration Charges
30% discount
Weight management package - Body composition report, biochemical parameters, consultations with Dietician and ObesityConsultant
10% discount
Speciality screening packages like Cardiac, Diabetes, Cancer

Handy Tips for Better Healthcare

Explore our blog section for tips, advice and care.


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Beware: Winters Can Aggravate Vitamin-D Deficiency!


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