Kisan Power

Kisan Power

Kisan Power

Kisan Power aims at providing adequate and timely credit to farmers for meeting cultivation needs including purchase of inputs, investment needs like purchase of agricultural implements, land development, purchase of bullocks and carts, two/three/four wheelers, repair of farm machinery or any other needs including domestic needs like expenditure on account of sickness, children's education and family functions etc. The product gives the farmer the flexibility to choose between cash credit and term loans with friendly repayment terms.


Farmer who is an owner cultivator, a tenant cultivator or a sharecropper is eligible for these loans. Minimum landholding should be two acres of cultivable land.

Loan Amount

Minimum : Rs 25,001
Maximum : Rs 50,00,000


Loan tenure is fixed by allowing reasonable period for marketing the agricultural produce after harvest of the crop, subject to maximum of 1 year in case of cash credit, to 7 years for term loans.

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