Corporate Internet Banking

Corporate Internet Banking

Quick, easy and secure

Axis Bank Internet Banking

How to Register for Internet Banking

Please visit Axis Bank branch and fill up a Corporate Internet Banking form available at the branch.

Multiple Modes

There are multiple modes available in Corporate Internet Banking:

  • Single User : This option is available for all those organizations who would like to have a single user access to Internet Banking facility for their account.
  • Make-Checker (Enterer-Approver) : This is a multi tiered Internet Banking access in which the corporate can have multiple levels of authorization before a financial transaction is completed:
    • Maker/Enterer: Initiates financial transactions and sends the transaction for approval.
    • Checker/Approver: Approves the financial transaction if he/she is the final approver. Otherwise sends the transaction to next level of authorization.

Multiple Access Levels

  • Account level access: Users get access to only that particular account. If the corporate has multiple accounts, then the particular user wouldn’t get access to other accounts of the corporate.
  • Cust ID level access: User gets access to all accounts belonging to the corporate.

4 Types of Users

  • View Only : The particular user gets to only view the account details, statement, balance etc. The user wouldn’t get to carry out any financial transaction from that Internet Banking Account.
  • Type A user : The particular user gets to carry out fund transfer between own accounts only.
  • Type B user : The particular user gets to carry out all kinds of financial transactions from the Internet Banking Account.
  • Type C user : The particular user gets to carry out Tax Payment Transactions only from the Internet Banking Account.
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