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Trade and Forex Services

Trade and Forex
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Trade and Forex Services

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Over the last few years Axis Bank has emerged as one of the leading banks in providing trade finance services, providing a gamut of products for both exports and imports. We serve a wide range of customers across varying industries, segments and regions. We have a professional team with dedicated Front-Desk and Specialists, speedy processing of documents and provide comprehensive and timely MIS.


  • Issuance of documentary credits (DCs):
    Letters of Credit are a trusted mechanism for settling international trade transactions. Axis Bank offers a gamut of services to meet your entire Letter of Credit requirements including opening, confirming and reimbursement of LCs. In addition to our overseas branches we also have an extensive correspondent bank network to get the LCs advised to the beneficiary expeditiously. We also structure Letter of Credits to suit your specific transaction requirements.
  • Import Bill Collection Services:
    Sending bills under collection provides an excellent solution in lowering costs and expediting processing, while maintaining control over the transfer of goods and funds. Axis Bank provides you efficient and hassle-free import document handling and faster remittance to your supplier overseas through our strong foreign correspondent network.
  • Direct Import Bills:
    You may receive Import Documents directly from the overseas supplier subject to certain conditions. Axis Bank ensures quick and efficient settlement of your direct import bills through our strong correspondent bank network.
  • Advance against Imports:
    If your payment terms with your supplier overseas are advance, we can guide you on various provisions under FEMA and assist you in efficient and faster remittance to your supplier at competitive rates.
  • Buyer's Credit/ Supplier Credit:
    You can make use of global interest rate arbitrage and take benefit of lower interest rates in overseas markets. Axis Bank's presence in overseas countries and wide network of correspondent banks helps you getting cheaper finance for your import liabilities by way of Buyer's credit.


  • Export Bill Collection Services:
    Routing your bills through Axis Bank ensures hassle free collection of export proceeds through our correspondent network. We have tie-up with internationally reputed Courier agencies to ensure prompt, efficient and timely dispatch of your documents.
  • Pre-Shipment Credit/ Post- Shipment Credit:
    We provide export financing services in foreign currencies and in Indian rupees to meet your financing requirements in different stages of exports. You can avail of our pre-shipment finance in the form of Export Packing Credit (EPC) to enable you to finance purchase or import of raw materials, processing and packing of goods meant for exports. Post shipment, you can get your export documents discounted/purchased or get rupee advance against export bills sent on collection/ under LC at competitive interest rates.
  • Export LC Advising: The export LC issued in your favor is checked for authenticity and couriered across to your doorstep. You can simply advise your buyers to route the advising of LCs through Axis Bank to ensure timely delivery. Our expert advisory team can help you understanding LC terms and assist you in preparing documents.
  • Export LC confirmation:
    LCs issued by foreign banks are confirmed through us to the exporter in India, who may or may not be our customer. Once we add our confirmation to the Letter of Credit, your payment is guaranteed if the documents are credit complied, irrespective of non-payment by LC opening bank.


  • Inward Remittances:
    Through our wide correspondent banking network, funds can be transferred from any account anywhere globally to your account with us. The fund transfer take place through a highly secured and fast inter bank remittance channel (Swift).
  • Outward Remittances:
    We are pleased to provide you on the spot solutions for your outward remittance obligations subject to ceilings as per FEMA. You can derive benefits from our wide correspondent bank network, wherein funds transfer takes place in most efficient, economic and secured way to overseas parties.

Hedging Services

Forward/Spot Contracts: Our hedging services enable you to protect yourself from risk arising on account of fluctuations in exchange rate. You can book cash/tom/spot or forward deals with the help of our strong forex advisory platform. Our experienced dealers are able to provide the cheapest-to-deliver spot and forward prices to our clients.


Axis Bank is catering to domestic consumers of bullion by selling gold and silver on consignment basis at competitive premiums. The minimum lot for gold pricing is 5 kg. You are free to take the delivery of Gold on either Fixed basis or unfixed basis. Same day deliveries available at major centers.

Trade Advisory Services

With extensive expertise in International Trade, Axis Bank is the ideal choice for you to have an easier access to the necessary financial tools and services, anywhere and at any time. We have dedicated forex desks spread throughout the country to provide you the advisory solutions with respect to various intricacies related to Capital and Current account transactions in light of RBI guidelines/FEMA guidelines/ FEDAI Circulars/UCP/URR etc.

Foreign Exchange Products and Services

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