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Forex and Currency Futures

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Forex & Currency Futures

Get Forex and Currency Futures

Forward Contract

  • Commitment by the client to buy or sell one currency against another at a fixed rate for delivery on a specified future date, or during a period
  • Corporates can buy or sell outright dollars to hedge genuine underlying exposure with certain restrictions
  • Onshore Interbank forward market is liquid upto to 1 year

Spot Contract

  • It is the simplest and most common foreign exchange transaction widely used by corporates to cover their receivables and payables
  • Commitment by the client to buy and sell one currency against another at a fixed rate for delivery two business days after the transaction
  • This eliminates the possible risk due to exchange rate fluctuation for the client
  • Corporates can buy or sell foreign currency for genuine transactional purposes only

Currency Futures

CF ConnectThe launch of Currency Futures in August 2008 has been an exciting development in the Indian Financial sector. For the past few years we have witnessed a tremendous increase in volatility in currency pairs. Corporates - whether they are Exporters, Importers, borrowers of foreign currency loans or have an indirect exposure; or households - who might need foreign currency for travel / education / medical purposes etc. - are exposed to currency risk. Currency Futures allow Corporates and Households alike to hedge their currency risk, to protect or increase investment returns and to trade in USDINR, EURINR, GBPINR and JPYINR without the need to have an underlying exposure.

The Axis Bank Advantage

  • Axis Bank CF CONNECTCurrency Futures enables Currency Futures trading on NSE and MCXSX. It has been designed to optimise the Currency Futures trading experience through us.
  • A dedicated sales and marketing team to assist in all queries pertaining to Currency Futures.
  • Clients can draw on the Foreign Exchange Trading expertise of the Axis Bank Treasury.
  • 190 plus B-category branches across India to help clients to open their Currency Futures trading accounts. Existing Clients can leverage on the established relationship.
  • Smooth and seamless margin maintenance and ensuring timely MTM settlement.
  • Web based Currency Futures trading platforms - NOW (Neat on Web) for NSE and ODIN for MCX-SX brought to you through CF CONNECTCurrency Futures.

Disclaimer: Currency Futures are subject to market risk. Please read the Risk Disclosure Document and Investors' Rights and Obligations carefully before dealing in Currency Futures.In pursuant to SEBI circular no. SEBI/MRD/SE/Cir-42/2003 dated 19 November 2003, the Bank wishes to disclose that the bank may be engaged in dealing in Currency Futures for its proprietary book in addition to offering the product for the Client.

SEBI Reg. No.: NSE: INE231308037; MCX-SX: INE261313634; USE: INE271391133 | Membership Code: NSE: 13080; MCX-SX: 29; USE: 13911

Compliance Officer - Mr. Ram Mishra # 022-24255841 Email address :-


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