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Global Trade and FI Relations

Global Trade and FI

Global Trade and FI Relations

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Global Financial Institutions Division (GFID) is the Business Unit within Treasury Department responsible for developing and maintaining business relationships with Financial Institutions across the globe. GFID are the owners of Inter-Bank Relationships within Axis Bank and hold the responsibility for developing various business opportunities emanating from such relationships. GFID runs the entire international trade & commerce business within Axis Bank. The Division also promotes products manufactured by other Divisions/Departments within the Bank such as Treasury Products, CMS solutions, Remittances, Trustee services, Corporate Credit products etc to the Relationship Banks. Another area where GFID plays a facilitating role is in the foreign currency fund raising through various modes, including funding from Development Funding Agencies / Export Promotion Agencies in various countries such as JBIC, KEXIM, Hermes, US ECA etc. GFID also facilitates international trade and commerce for our Corporate Customers by ensuring that banks across the globe have adequate counter-party lines for Axis Bank to handle the trade related transactions backed by Axis Bank's Credit.

FI Relations Team

FI Relations team is Axis Banks' Interface with other Global Financial institutions - Banks, Merchant Banks, development lending institutions etc. FI team supports the treasury and trade finance teams by establishing/maintaining relations with counterparty correspondent institutions and making sure that adequate two-way lines are set up commensurate with the engagement between the institutions. The team has dedicated Relationship Managers for different geographies who report to the Head of FI Relations. The various relationship managers for different geographies are as follows:-

Name Role Landline (+91 22) Mobile (+91) E Mail
P. B. Prakash Head FI Relations & RM - Americas 24255810 9769960061
Yousuf Syed RM - MENA 24255812 9820033394
K. P. Sidheswaran RM - India 24255826 9930905666
Mithun Saha RM - India 24255818 9867339843
P. P. Manoj Menon RM - Europe 24255815 9769032472
Suresh S RM - SAARC & Sub-Saharan Africa 24255817 9967044699
Ashit Sharma RM - Asia Pacific 24255818 9769236936

Bank Risk Team

The Global Risk Team helps the GFID by offering the following services:

  • Appraising Risk of Counter-Party Banks
  • Setting Up of Exposure Limits on other Banks
  • Provide research on Counterparty Banks

International Trade Products

International Trade Products team handles trade products & services within Axis Bank for Corporate customers and FI Relations. They ensure a smooth and satisfying experience for counter-party banks engaged in trade transactions with Axis Bank. Some of the products offered by the team are as follows: -

  • Global Guarantee - Issuance of Guarantee against the SBLC/Counter Guarantee of other banks. We issue financial/performance guarantees to beneficiaries in India on the back of counter guarantees/Standby LCs' of our relationship banks.
  • Global Advise - Export LC Advising: LCs issued by foreign banks are advised by us to the exporter in India quickly and efficiently. We also advise LCs in Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and neighboring countries through our offices in these Geographies.
  • Global Confirm - Confirmation of Export LCs: LCs issued by foreign banks are confirmed through us to the exporter in India, who may or may not be our customer. In these transactions, our Bank takes an exposure on the foreign bank, for which we have counterparty limits on these banks, sanctioned by Committee of Directors/Senior Management Committee.
  • Global Remit - Our clients can make Outward Remittances towards payment for imports and for other purposes guided by FEMA regulations. We have drawing arrangements with a number of our correspondents. Remittances by way of DD / TT / Swift can be effected through any of our correspondents worldwide.

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