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Foreign Currency Non-Resident Deposit

Enjoy higher returns

On your Foreign Currency earnings

Foreign Currency Non-Resident Deposit

Get your Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) Deposit

With Axis Bank FCNR Deposit scheme for NRIs they can now enjoy the security of assured returns while holding their money in the currency of their choice. At present in the FCNR deposit account the NRIs can deposit money from amongst the six foreign currency of their choice. Deposits can be maintained for a period of 1 year to 5 years.

Now open FCNR deposit account in five currencies - USD, GBP, EURO, AUD and CAD through AxisRemit Online. Click here to login now.

Period of Deposit

Deposits in FCNR deposit account should be for a minimum one year period and for maximum five year period. The deposits can be renewed on maturity.

FCNR deposits can be opened only in the form of Term Deposit. Recurring deposit cannot be opened.

Permissible Credits

  • Foreign inward remittance
  • Traveller's cheques or foreign currency tendered by the account holder personally
  • Transfer from existing NEW or FCNR deposits

FCNR deposits are exempt from tax liability and funds are freely repatriable.

Payment of Interest

  • Interest on the deposits accepted shall be paid on the basis of 360 days to a year
  • Interest on FCNR deposits shall be calculated as below:
    • For deposits upto one year, at the applicable rate without any compounding effect.
    • For more than 1 year, at intervals of 180 days and thereafter for remaining actual number of days may be compounded.

Premature withdrawal of Deposits

  • USD- No penalty for individual deposit upto USD 1 million.
  • EURO- No penalty for individual deposit upto EURO 1 million.
  • GBP - No penalty for individual deposit upto GBP 750,000.
  • JPY- No penalty for individual deposit upto JPY 125 million.
  • AUD- No penalty for individual deposit upto AUD 1.5 million.
  • CAD- No penalty for individual deposit upto CAD 1.5 million.
  • For a single deposit amount exceeding the above threshold limit, interest will be for the period upto which the deposit remained with the bank less penalty of 1% for foreclosure.
  • No interest payable for foreclosure within a year.

Payment of Interest on Overdue Deposits

The banks may, at its discretion renew and overdue NRE or FCNR deposit or a portion thereof provided the overdue period from the date of maturity till the date of renewal (both days inclusive), does not exceed 14 days and at the time of renewal banks are required to apply the rate prevailing on the date of renewal or on the date of maturity whichever is lower.

In case the overdue period exceeds 14 days, banks are free to fix their own rate for the overdue period if the entire amount or a part thereof is kept as a fresh deposit

FCNR Deposits of NRIs on Return to India

The depositor who returns to India for good may be allowed to continue the deposit till maturity of the deposit at the contracted rate of interest, if desired. However, except the provisions relating to rate of interest and reserve requirements as applicable to FCNR (B) deposits, for all other purposes such deposit would be treated as resident deposits from the date of return of the account holder to India. Premature withdrawal of such deposits shall be subject to penal provisions of the scheme.

The depositor may convert his deposits into RFC accounts. If the FCNR deposit is converted into RF account, then penalty clause is not applicable.

Banks may pay interest at its discretion at the time of conversion of FCNR (B) account into RFC or Resident Rupee account, even if the same has not run for a minimum period of 1 year, subject to the condition that the rate of interest should not exceed the rate payable on SB deposit held under RFC Account scheme.

Interest Rates on NRI Deposits

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