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Prime Salary Account

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How can I open an Axis Bank account?

For opening a Salary Account, your organization should have a Salary Account relationship with Axis Bank. If your organization has an Axis Bank Salary Account relationship, you can approach us in any of the following ways:

  • You can just walk into the nearest Axis Bank branch.
  • Write to us at
  • SMS "Salary" at 5676782
  • Apply Online

Our Direct Sales team / Branch Staff will visit your office premises at a time and date of your convenience for account opening formalities and get all the necessary documentation done.

A proof of employment, Photo Identification and Proof of Address are required as per RBI's KYC guidelines.

If your Company / Institution does not have an Axis Bank Salary Account relationship, kindly share with us the details of your organisation's decision makerby mailing to .


What documents do I need to submit for opening an Axis Bank Salary Account?

  • Introduction by the company for employee bonafides in the Bank's format (Stamped and Signed by the authorized signatory)

Proof of Photo Identification

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Election Card
  • Government / Defence services / Public Sector undertaking / Photo-identity Card
  • Driving Licence

Proof of Address (Any one document)

  • Telephone / Mobile / Electricity Bill. Any connection to be at least 6 months old preferably in the name of the account holder / spouse / family member.
  • Ration Card
  • Gas connection registration letter
  • Income tax / Wealth tax assessment order
  • Registered lease / leave and licence agreement with a utility bill in the name of the landlord.

Joint Accounts

For joint accounts the above documents are required for both, the applicant as well as the joint applicant(s).

How do I get my account transferred from one Axis Bank branch to another?

Our Anywhere Banking facility allows you to continue with the same account at all Axis Bank locations*. However for transfer of an account, you would need to fill up the Transfer account form available at the branch and surrender your cheque book and debit card.

Please contact your nearest branch for further details.

What are the internet Banking Facility that is offered with my Salary Account?

Axis Bank Offers Internet Banking facility with a two factor authentication "Net Secure" as an enhanced security feature. Apart from that, the following features has been provided:

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Fund Transfer
  • E - Statement of Account & Transaction History.
  • Transfer of Funds to any other account in any Axis Bank branch across the country.
  • Transfer of Funds to Non Axis Bank Account through NEFT.* - for more details contact your nearest Axis Bank branch.
  • Service Requests. - DD request / Online Fixed Deposit / Recurring Deposit.*
  • Utility Bill Payment.
  • Axis Bank Credit Card Online Payment.
  • IPO Smart ( ASBA) - please contact your nearest branch for more details.
  • Demat Accounts: View Holdings.
  • Portfolio Summary Inquiry and Snap Shot.
  • VISA Money Transfer.

What all can I do with the Phone Banking facility offered to me with my Salary Account?

To access Phone Banking Services from anywhere in India, from a Landline or Cell Phone, please dial any of the following 3 toll free numbers.

  • 1800 - 233 - 5577
  • 1800 - 209 - 5577
  • 1800 - 103 - 5577

You can speak to our Phone Banking Officers from 9 am to 7pm Monday to Saturday ( Except on National Holidays).

Tele - Banking Service (IVR ) is available 24 hours a day . 7 days a week.

For Blocking of Debit Card / Pre - Paid Card our 24 hour help line number is 67987700 ( not toll free).

Information / Services Available through Phone Banking are:

  • Account Balance and Transactions.
  • Information on Status of Cheques issued or deposited.
  • Information on Interest rate on deposits.
  • Request for: Cheque Book / Duplicate Statement/ Regeneration of Pin for Debit Card/ Hot Listing of Cards/ Regeneration of Internet Banking password.
  • Blocking of Internet Banking User ID.

What all can I do under Anywhere Banking facility offered to me with my Salary Account?

Anywhere banking facility would allow you to operate your account from any Axis Bank branch at the same center or other location, other than the base branch where you have opened your account.

Services Available are:

  • Cash Deposit & Withdrawals.
  • Local Cheque Deposits and Issuance of Payable AT Par Cheque as per specified limits towards local payments.
  • Issuance of Pay - Orders and Demand Drafts
  • Other Service Requests.*
*Subject to terms and conditions.

As a Salary Account holder, can I open a joint account and with whom?

You can open a Joint Account with your Spouse / Parent or Blood relative. Please contact your nearest branch for more details.

Can I continue to enjoy the salary account benefits if I change my job?

You may continue to draw your salary through the Salary Savings Account even in the case of change in employment. You would need to intimate your employer about your existing Axis Bank details, so that the monthly salary credits are routed through the same account.* You would also need to intimate your Axis Bank branch for the required change in records with the Bank.

*Terms and conditions apply.

What is the rate of interest that I will earn on the balance in my Axis Bank Salary Account?

Interest on the savings bank deposit is calculated at a fixed rate. The present rate is 4% .

How do I change the nominees for my Salary Account?

Incase of change in nomination, you would have to make a declaration in an appropriate form as per the bank's specifications that are available in all Axis Bank branch locations.

Can I open a separate Reimbursement Acocunt and what are the benefits?

Our Employee Reimbursement accounts are offered to corporates already having a Salary Account relationship with Axis Bank, wherein all Cash Reimbursements' towards claim settlements are routed through this account. Linked to the primary Salary Account, it is a very hassle free and convenient way of reconciliation, both for the corporate and the employee.

If I am working in a Company that sends me on Deputation Overseas what happens to my existing Salary Account and Can I open another NRE account?

In that case your existing Domestic Salary Savings Bank Account would get converted into a Non - Resident Ordinary account wherein you can continue receiving Local credits from all sources including your salary. You can have a joint account in this case with a local resident as per the bank's policy on joint account holders.

Further, in case you draw your Salary Overseas as well, and are eligible as per FEMA guidelines for a NRE account Axis Bank would offer you a Non Resident External account wherein you can remit your monthly salary in local currency. This would be fully repatriable and Tax free.

Please contact any Axis Bank branch for more details.

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