Prime Savings Account

A savings account

for your specific financial requirements

Prime Savings Account

Get your Prime Savings Account

Earn eDGE LOYALTY REWARDSThe Prime Savings Account is the account for you if you want extras on your account. This account comes with enhanced access and higher transaction limits.


  • Enhanced withdrawal limits of Rs.50,000 at ATMs and shopping transactions of Rs.100,000 daily
  • First 5 free transactions at Axis Bank ATMs and First 3/5 transactions free at Non Axis Bank ATMs in Metro/Non Metro Locations respectively.
  • Higher Cash transaction limits

eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program

Presenting eDGE Loyalty Rewards, our bank wide loyalty program where you can earn points on your Savings Account transactions like

  • • Monthly Credit transactions amounting to Rs. 50,000 or more
  • Electronic Clearance System Transactions
  • Standing Instructions
  • • Opening a Recurring Deposit account of Rs. 2000 or more
  • Opening an AxisDirect account

Now you can earn points by maintaining a minimum monthly balance of Rs. 25,000.

Our program lets you indulge in 500 fabulous rewards spread across multiple categories - Little Treats, Amazing Deals, Favourites, What’s New etc.

Click here to see our exciting rewards catalogue!


  • One free, ‘payable-at-par’ Chequebook per quarter
  • 2 free DDs/POs (@axis bank locations) per month
  • Get 100% discount on the annual debit card fee by swiping for Rs.50,000 in a year or doing 10 shopping transactions

Debit Card

  • A premium Titanium Prime Debit Card at no issuance cost
  • Avail of higher personal accident insurance cover of upto Rs.3 lakhs by swiping your card once every 6 months ^
  • Enhanced Combined Lost Card Liability and Purchase protection liability of up to Rs 75,000 to protect against fraudulent use of the debit card or damage/loss of articles purchased using debit card ^

Fees And Charges

Monthly Service Fees of Rs. 250 is waived off if following Average Monthly Balance (AMB) is maintained -

  • Metro branch - Rs. 25,000
  • Urban branch - Rs. 25,000
  • Semi Urban branch - Rs. 10,000

In Rural areas, Half Yearly Service Fee (HSF) of Rs. 750 is waived off if Half Yearly Average Balance (HAB) of Rs. 10,000 is maintained.

Cash Transaction Charges -
The first 5 cash transactions (or Rs. 25 Lakhs worth in value, whichever is higher) in Metro & Urban locations and the first 10 cash transactions (or Rs. 25 Lakhs worth in value, whichever is higher) are free with this account. Beyond this, cash transaction will be charged Rs. 4 per Rs. 1000 or Rs. 100, whichever is higher

Please refer to the complete list of Service fees and charges

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