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Gold Debit Card

What is the Axis Bank Gold Debit Card all about?

Think about it as a much powerful version of the Debit Card. Your Gold Debit Card brings just about everything within your reach, be it that exquisite gift for a dear one or that irresistible outfit for yourself. Your Axis Bank Gold Debit Card comes with never before reward program, collect 1 reward point with every Rs. 100 spent and redeem your reward points with fabulous gifts and gift vouchers. Now enjoy exclusive discounts and value deals from leading national and international brands. Your Gold debit card also gives you unmatched POS and ATM withdrawal limits and personal accident cover of Rs. 5 lacs*. What's more, your Axis Bank Gold Debit Card is a Visa Card, giving you the flexibility of usage in India as well as abroad. You can use it across 20,000 Visa ATMs and 2,65,000 merchant establishments in India plus at 9,00,000 Visa enabled ATMs and 24 million Visa enabled POS terminals worldwide. That translates into an almost unlimited access to your account, no matter where you are.

How do I get my Gold Debit Card Activated?

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be issued to you separately for using your Gold Debit Card at ATMs. This will be sent to your mailing address.

For your safety, your Gold Debit Card is sent to you inactive for use at merchant locations. Please ensure that you have received your PIN before trying to activate your Card. To activate your Card, you will need to use the Card by entering the PIN for a cash withdrawal transaction at any Axis Bank ATM or Visa ATM.

In case of any difficulty please call the Axis Bank 24-Hour Customer Service Number at 91-22-6798 7700. We will be glad to assist you.

Can I use my Gold Debit Card Internationally?

Your Gold Debit Card is valid both in India and overseas. However, it is not valid for making payment in foreign currency in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

All of your Gold Debit Card transactions (purchases as well as cash withdrawals) overseas must be made in strict accordance with the Exchange Control Regulations of the Reserve Bank of India prevailing from time to time. In the event of your failure to do so, you will be liable for action under the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999.

How do I do Merchant Outlet Transactions?

Using your Gold Debit Card for shopping at any of the 2,65,000 Visa merchant outlets in India and more than 24 million worldwide couldn't be easier. Follow these simple steps to ensure total shopping satisfaction.

Please note that since signature verification is essential for Debit Card transactions, you need to be physically present along with your Card at the time of purchase i.e. the Debit Card cannot be used for Mail Order and Telephone Order Transactions.

  • Look for a Visa sign at the Point-of-Sale merchant establishment. The merchant must have a Flag Point-of-Sale card-swiping terminal.
  • Present your Debit Card after making your purchase.
  • The Card will be swiped by the merchant on a Visa Data Capture Terminal for authorisation.
  • After a successful authorisation, a hold for the transacted amount will first be placed on your account. Your account will subsequently be debited for the transacted amount. Your limit is equivalent to the balance in your account.
  • A sales slip will be generated.
  • Check and sign the sales slip. Your signature must match that, on the front and on the reverse side of the Card.
  • Ensure your Card is returned to you.
  • Preserve your copy of the sales slip for future reference.

The per day limit for usage of Debit card at Merchant outlet is Rs. 1,75,000 subject to availability of balance in your account.

Can I use Gold Debit Card also for my ATM Usage?

You can use your Debit Card as an ATM Card at any Axis Bank or Visa ATM, in India or overseas. Axis Bank has more than 2764 ATMs in India, while Visa has 20,000 ATMs in India and 9,00,000 worldwide. This allows you 24-hour access to any of the accounts linked to your Debit Card.

At Non-Axis Bank ATMs
You can perform unlimited free domestic Cash Withdrawal and balance inquiry transactions at Visa/Plus ATMs. Daily ATM cash withdrawal limits will apply. As a Savings Bank Account holder you can withdraw up to Rs. 2,00,000 per day from any of the Axis Bank ATMs. However, on non-Axis Bank ATMs, there might be different cash withdrawal limits fixed by respective banks.
In case you already have a Axis Bank Debit/ATM Card please note that the same will be deactivated subsequently.

Why do I get with Gold Debit Card?

  • Additional Cards
    Additional Cards will be issued to joint accountholders of the account, provided the operating instructions for the account are "self", "either or", "any one or survivor". Charges will be applicable for the additional Card as per the tariffs applicable from time to time.
  • Insurance
    The Axis Bank Gold Debit Card entitles you to a comprehensive insurance cover including zero lost card liability & Purchase Protection of up to Rs. 2,00,000 and Personal Accident Insurance of up to Rs. 5,00,000 free of charge. To avail of the Personal Accident insurance cover, it is necessary for you to use your Debit card at a Merchant Outlet. The Personal Accident Insurance cover will come in force only after you make your first successful payment transaction at any Merchant Outlet.
    Please note that the cover is valid only for fraudulent payment transactions. The insurance is not valid for ATM transactions, as, the ATM PIN, known only to you, is required for ATM transactions. You are required to file a police report for the lost/stolen card. Axis Bank will arrange to replace your card as soon as the instructions are received in writing
    In the unfortunate event of loss of life in a mishap, the customer's beneficiaries will receive the benefits of accident insurance of upto Rs. 5,00,000.
    All insurance claims can be forwarded to your local Axis Bank branch.
  • Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS)
    This is a priced service provided by Visa. Axis Bank Debit Cardholders can receive assistance from Visa Global Customer Assistance Service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. GCAS can be used lost/stolen card reporting, emergency cash assistance or miscellaneous information that you may require overseas.
    These services are available to you at the following toll free numbers: Australia : 1-800-450346, Hong Kong : 800-900-782, Canada : 1-866-6391-911, Germany : 0800-1822891, France : 0800-9404349, Japan : 00531-44002, Singapore 800-4481-250, United Kingdom : 0800-169-5189, United States : 1-866-765-9644.
    In case you are travelling in any other part of the world, you may avail of these services by placing a collect call to 1410-581-9944
    Please note that the services are charged as follows:
    Miscellaneous Customer Service Inquiries : US $ 5 per Inquiry, Lost/Stolen Card reporting : Free and Emergency Cash Assistance :Free
  • Reward Program
    Gold Debit Card comes with an exciting reward program. Reward program will allow you to earn reward points on your total Gold debit card POS spend at merchant outlets. The accumulated bonus/reward points can be subsequently redeemed for a selected gift, viz exciting offers from leading retailers, restaurants, international brands, high quality leather products, cosmetics etc. You will earn 1 reward point for every Rs. 100 of POS spent on Gold Debit Card. You can start redeeming after you have accumulated 200 reward points.
  • Value Deals and Exclusive Tie-ups
    Your Axis Bank Gold Debit Card lets you enjoy a whole new life of privileges. Indulge yourself with attractive discounts on deals from leading retailers, restaurants at your city. Enjoy the vacation that you were thinking about by booking at fabulous discounts from biggest travel planners. Whopping discounts on hotels, domestic and international air tickets, so enjoy maximum out of your Axis Bank Gold Debit Card.

Who should I contact if my card is lost or stolen?

You should call Axis Bank phone banking immediately at 91-22-67987700 to report the loss of your Axis Bank Gold Debit Card. It is important to note that a lost Card report will be taken only after verification of your Mother's maiden name, Date of Birth, Passport no etc. You will not be liable for transactions on you Card Account (if any) from the moment you report the loss to Axis Bank. You will however, be accountable for all damages upto the time of reporting.

What should I do if I lose my Debit Card/ATM PIN or Internet banking password?

In case of loss of card, ATM PIN or the Internet banking password, you are requested to write to your local Axis Bank branch or at the e-mail id

What should I do if I lose my Debit Card/ATM PIN or Internet banking password?

In case of loss of card, ATM PIN or the Internet banking password, you are requested to write to your local Axis Bank branch or at the e-mail id

How much will it cost me to have Axis Bank Gold Debit Card?

Tariff Sheet
Issuance Charge Rs. 250
Annual Fee Rs. 250
Card Replacement Charges Rs. 250
Duplicate Pin Rs. 50
Transactional Charges at Visa ATMs (other than Axis Bank)
Cash Withdrawal Rs 125
Balance Inquiry Rs. 25

Please note that Axis Bank does not charge the customer any transaction fee at merchant establishments. There are certain merchant categories like railways where there is a surcharge for using a card. The surcharge at petrol pumps of 2.5% of the purchase bill is waived off. At railways surcharge is an additional Rs 30 per transaction. These will be separately debited to your account and will appear as separate entries.

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