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Health Insurance

In today’s world, rising costs are a major cause of worry. And if by any chance, you fall ill or meet with an accident, the costs shoot through the roof. With the progress of technology, medical costs have also risen. This is where, health insurance comes in. A health insurance promises you security. You can be certain that in case of some unforeseen circumstances, you will be protected. Your medical expenses will be taken care of under the health insurance that you choose and you will not have to worry about the medical costs. A health insurance gives you a peace of mind, something that you require most in today’s day and age.

  • MediPrime

    Tata AIG MediPrime is a transparent health insurance policy without any sub-limits on health expenses, so both you and your savings remain healthy.

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  • Wellsurance Woman

    Tata AIG Wellsurance Woman, a perfect health insurance for women that looks beyond her health insurance needs and ensures her well being in all phases of life.

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  • Wellsurance Family

    You give your family nothing but the best. When it comes to health insurance, it should be no different. Tata AIG Wellsurance Family pays special attention to each member of your family, to prevent unexpected emergencies from affecting your financial health.

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  • Group Mediprime

    Now your Savings Account cares for your Family’s health

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