Life Insurance

  • Max Life Online Term Plan

    Your family’s happiness and security are your top priorities. Therefore, when it comes to protecting your family and fulfilling their dreams,

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  • Max Life Forever Young Pension Plan

    Max Life Forever Young Pension Plan provides the benefits of equity participation to build a large retirement corpus and at the same time offers a guarantee to protect your savings from market downturns. It also offers additional benefits to safeguard your family against unforeseen eventualities so that you and your loved ones live life on your own terms.

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  • Max Life Fast Track Super Plan

    Your investments need a product that helps you achieve your goals, by providing you with portfolio strategies and multiple Fund options.

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  • Max Life Super Term Plan

    In an increasingly uncertain world, it is your top priority to ensure that your family continues to enjoy financial security and a comfortable lifestyle even in your absence.

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  • Max Life Whole Life Super

    In your journey through life, you plan and save for your child’s education, marriage, your retirement, etc. but what about creating a legacy for your loved ones after you.

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  • Max Life Maxis Super

    You have worked hard to achieve success and provide the best to your family. You always want to see your Wealth growing and also keep it secured when you need it the most to fulfill your life’s goals.

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  • Max Life Shiksha Plus Super Plan

    As parents, you want to provide the best education to your children.

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  • Max Life Riders

    A Rider provides extra benefit in addition to the basic benefits offered under a Life Insurance Policy.

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