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Life Insurance

A life insurance ensures that you protect your family against all the odds, even if you are not around. Giving your family immunity gives you the security from worrying constantly about their future. A life insurance is also a great investment option. A yearly investment will promise you some incredible returns in the future. With Axis Bank, you can choose from several Life Insurance options that fit your requirements. Policies are available to help you make the best decision for your life insurance plan. After all, it is a decision that will stay with you forever. So choose wisely and smartly.

  • Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan

    Timely cancer treatment can save a life, but it can cost an entire life's savings.

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  • Max Life Online Term Plan

    Your family’s happiness and security are your top priorities. Therefore, when it comes to protecting your family and fulfilling their dreams,

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  • Max Life Forever Young Pension Plan

    Max Life Forever Young Pension Plan provides the benefits of equity participation to build a large retirement corpus and at the same time offers a guarantee to protect your savings from market downturns. It also offers additional benefits to safeguard your family against unforeseen eventualities so that you and your loved ones live life on your own terms.

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  • Max Life Fast Track Super Plan

    Your investments need a product that helps you achieve your goals, by providing you with portfolio strategies and multiple Fund options.

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  • Max Life Super Term Plan

    In an increasingly uncertain world, it is your top priority to ensure that your family continues to enjoy financial security and a comfortable lifestyle even in your absence.

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