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Salient Features of Speed-e

Speed-e displays the date and time when the user had last accessed his account through Speed-e and thus you can keep track of the access to your account.

Password Users can give debit instructions only in favour of three pre-notified settlement (pool) accounts of brokers. The details of the pre-notified accounts can be given at the time of registration. This reduces risk as credits can be effected only to these accounts. Only alphanumeric combination is allowed as password. Further, as an additional safety measure, User is required to change the Password after every 60 days to avoid prolonged use of same password.

e-Token with Digital Signature - Instruction submitted by e-Token user is digitally signed by the user, which ensures the integrity of the instruction and authenticity of the user's authentication.

Benefits Of Speed-e

Convenience of executing instructions directly through Internet, from wherever access to Internet is available.

For NRI investors, it eliminates geographical barriers or any requirement to appoint a power of attorney (POA) to operate the account.

Saving in time and efforts in obtaining delivery instructions slips and submitting them to Depository Participants (This would be useful specially as the time available between the trade day and pay-in day has since been reduced due to rolling settlements on T + 2 basis).

Speed-e also provides details of the balances available in your Demat Account on real time basis. It also provides statement of transaction for your account for previous month.

Nominal Charges

Charges for usage of Speed-e service are nominal as compared to the benefits accruing with the service. The charges applicable for this service are as follows:



Basis of Recovery

SPEED-e Annual Maintenance charges

Rs. 1000 per User ID for Smart Card / E- Token Users.

SPEED-e AMC charges to be recovered up-front in the month of April every year.

SPEED-e Debit Transactions

Rs.19.50 per instruction

Sell Transaction Charges to be recovered through monthly bill.

Freezing Instruction on SPEED-e

Rs. 125 per instruction

Freezing Instruction Charges to be recovered through monthly bill.

Subscribe To Speed-e

You can register yourself as a Password User or as an e-Token User.

Password User

Go to and fill up the registration form for new Users. You can choose your own "User ID" and "Password". Fill up the registration form and click "submit", to get an acknowledgement. Take a printout of the registration form or note down the registration number and contact our branch. On receipt of the form, we will register you as a Password User and thereafter you can operate your account through Speed-e.

e-Token User

For e-Token you can do the registration and enrollment for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) at NSDL web site ( You have to submit "Certificate Enrollment form" for Digital Signature Certificate along with required documents to your branch. On receipt of the form, we will register you as an e-Token user and thereafter you can operate your account through Speed-e.

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