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Why should you invest in gold?

  • Gold is a metal, which is valued and traded in all the countries of the world. It is valued in all the parts of the world. The value is derived from the daily dollar rate.
  • An investment portfolio with an allocation to gold improves the consistency of the portfolio making it strong and stable.
  • Gold provides consistence appreciation on a continuous basis.
  • The price of gold is not linked to the performance of an economy, industry or company. Its appreciation in not affected by market volatility.

Why is it beneficial if you buy Gold Mohurs from Axis Bank?

The Gold Mohurs offered by Axis Bank are manufactured as per the highest world standards and are Assay certified. They are packaged in a tamper proof cover to ensure zero damages.

In what sizes are the Gold Mohurs available?

The Gold Mohurs are currently available in a denomination of 2 gms, 5 gms, 8 gms, 10 gms, 20 gms , 50 gms & 100 gms

What is the procedure of purchasing Gold Mohurs? Which branches of Axis Bank can you get Gold Mohurs from?

Gold Mohurs are available in select branches of Axis Bank. They can be purchased by debiting your existing Axis Bank account, by simply filling up the 'Gold Mohur Application Form'.

Are the Axis Bank Gold Mohurs available to the customers of Axis Bank only?

Yes, only existing customers of Axis Bank can purchase the Gold Mohur

What prices are the Gold Mohurs available at?

The prices of Gold Mohurs are derived from the daily market rates of Gold.

Does Axis Bank buy back the Gold Mohurs?

Axis Bank does not buyback Gold Mohurs. The current RBI guidelines do not permit buy back of the gold coins/bars by banks.

What documents are required for the purchase of Gold Mohurs?

For purchase of Gold Mohurs with value of Rs.50,000 and above, PAN is Mandatory

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