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Bill Pay

Type of Bill Payments on Internet:

Biller Payments (EBPP, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment)

Under biller payments, the billing company presents bills registered by you for payment, before you can pay them. This is most useful when the payment is on a regular basis you would like to see an electronic version of your bill before making a payment.

The process is simple:

  1. You select and register the biller by providing billing details
  2. The bill is sent by us to the biller for registration at their end
  3. On successful registration, the biller presents the bill on the Internet to you from the next billing cycle
  4. On receiving the electronic version of the bill, you can schedule the bill or pay it immediately.
    If you are registered for mobile banking, you will also receive an SMS alert on your cell phone as soon as the bill is presented for payment. To learn more about mobile banking, click Benefits of Mobile Banking.

    There are certain restrictions that you need to be aware of:

    • One, you cannot make a part payments.
    • Second, you cannot make a payment after the due date. However, you can make a pre-payment.
    • Third, you cannot make a payment, till the bill is presented for payment

    All the details of your bills, pending or paid, are stored for one year for your reference.

Payee Payments

In case of payee payments, the biller does not present the bills for you. You can make a payment to any of the listed biller as and when you like. The amount and time is completely under your control.

The process is even simpler:

  1. Select the biller and register the details
  2. Select Pay, enter the amount and schedule the payment
    This is most useful where the bill payment requirement is one-time or ad-hoc or if the biller does not a presentment facility.

Personal Payee

You may also use Bill Pay to pay regular or one-time personal payees such as landlords, friends, children, etc. In this case the Beneficiary (Person to whom payment is made) must also have an account with Axis Bank.

The process is similar to Payee Payments, except that you need to create the biller yourself.

  1. Create the biller by entering the payee details
  2. Select Pay, enter the amount and schedule the payment.

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