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What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is an electronic method of Presentment and payment of Bills on the Internet. This service is currently available to all Axis Bank customers who are registered for Internet Banking. It enables you to pay bills at any time of the day through the internet. This service basically allows you to view bills of your registered service providers on the Internet. You can schedule your payments by giving authorization to the Bank for making these payments at a later date. Subsequently, the Bank will debit your account for the exact amount that you have indicated to pay to the respective Service Provider.

Is online Bill Pay secure?

Axis Bank's net banking uses the highest level of encryption possible (i.e. 128 bit SSL) for transacting on the net. Your online Bill Pay sessions are encrypted within the banking server and provide you with highest safety level while conducting your transactions.

Do I have to fill in a separate registration form for Axis Bank Bill Payment?

No, you don't have to fill in any registration forms for this service. You need to have an active Axis Bank Internet Banking User ID and Password.

All you need to do is register the Biller to whom you wish to make a payment.

Will I be charged for using this facility?

No, bill payment facility is free for you

Can I pay from any of my accounts with the Bank?

You can access any of your linked accounts to make your payments. You need to specify the account number while setting up your payment instruction online. Also you should have access to the specified accounts through Internet Banking

What bills can I pay using this facility?

You can pay bills for all the registered billers of Axis Bank. For a complete list of billers, click on the drop down list under the "Add New Biller" under "Pay Bill" section of the Axis Bank Internet Banking.

How many billers can I choose to pay using this facility?

There are no restrictions on number of billers that you can register under Pay Bills option provided in Internet Banking.

How do I register a biller for bill payments?

To register a biller:

  • Go to the "Pay Bills" section under accounts tab after you log in to Internet Banking.
  • Click on "Add New Biller" in the navigation section on the left
  • Add the relevant details of the Biller and validate it through Netsecure to complete the registration.

Will I get a confirmation of my registration?

You will receive an SMS alert on your registered mobile number once the registration is done.

Will I continue to receive my bill from the biller?

Yes, you will continue to receive your bill from the biller as always as per your arrangement with the biller, even after registering for the service with us. We make no change to the arrangement you have with your biller regarding paper or e-bill.

Can I add, delete or change the biller registered earlier?

Yes, you can add, delete or change the biller registered earlier by going to the Pay Bills section

What are the various payment options available for Bill Payment?

You can pay your bills by two ways:

  1. Auto Pay on the due date
  2. Manual Payment

Auto payment, includes two options:

  1. No limits for Auto pay: It will automatically schedule the bills on the due date, and debit your account irrespective of the amount of the bill.
  2. Please pay this bill automatically if the amount is less than INR: It will automatically schedule the bills on the due date, and debit your account if the amount of the bill is less than the amount specified by you.

If you have multiple accounts with us, please select the account which should be debited in the case of the Auto pay option.

In case of Manual Payment, the bill payment should be done manually on presentment of the bills. Please schedule or make this payment one day prior to the due date displayed on the screen. For example, if your bill due date falls on 10-12-2014, the payment date will be shown as 09-12-2014. In this case the payment should be made or scheduled to be paid on or before 08-12-2014.

Do all the billers offer both the payment options?

No, not all billers provide both the payment options. Some billers offer only the "Manual Pay" option while others offer only the "Auto Pay" option. Some billers offer both these options.

When will the billing details be uploaded?

We update your billing details online as soon as we receive the same from the biller. Please note we are totally dependent on the utility company for receiving the billing details.

What is AutoPay?

AutoPay is a bill payment feature for all 'View and Pay' billers where you can set instructions to auto-debit your account for payments against bills presented by the biller, on the due date.

Auto pay can be of two types:

  • You can setup a limitless auto-debit instruction, where bills for any amount will be scheduled for payment.
  • If you wish to review the bills above a certain amount before making payments, then you may also setup a limited auto-debit instruction. Bills within the limit will automatically be scheduled for payment on the due-date. In case the bill amount is more than the specified limit then the bill will wait in your Axis Bank Internet Banking account for you to review and set payment instructions. 'AutoPay' payments will be carried out against your chosen account, subject to the availability of funds.

Can I alter my AutoPay instructions once set?

You can alter your AutoPay instructions at any point of time. If you wish to cancel or change a bill scheduled through AutoPay, you may do so for the next pending bill or for all the scheduled bills.

Can I schedule my bill payments on a date of my choice?

  • Pay Later allows you to set payment instructions for a future date. Please note that AutoPay instructions schedule the payment of your bill on the due date of the bill.

It takes about 2-3 days for your payments to reflect in the biller's account. We request you to make/schedule payments accordingly

When is my scheduled payment processed?

Your scheduled payment is processed in the evening of the specified scheduled date. The payment is sent to the biller on the next working day.

How much time does it take to process my payments?

It takes approximately 2-3 working days for the payments to be processed.

Should the scheduled date be the date on which the payment is actually due?

It is advisable that your scheduled date be at least 3 working days before the due date, since it takes billers a couple of days to update their records with the electronic payment received from Axis Bank.

Can I cancel a scheduled payment?

Yes, you can cancel a scheduled payment from the pending payments option under the Bill Payment section of Axis Bank Internet Banking. Please note that scheduled payments cannot be cancelled on due date.

Can I make payments after the due date or can I pay my bill in multiple transactions?

Billers offering the 'View Bill and Pay' payment option do not allow payment after due date. Billers offering the Direct Pay option accept part payments and payments after due-date.

Will I have a confirmation of my payment using this facility?

You are given a reference number for successful payments. Your account statement includes the details of your transaction. You can also check the payment history under the Pay Bills tab.

How do I delete a Registered Biller?

You can delete a registered biller by following the steps given below:

  • Login to your account and select Pay Bills option under accounts tab
  • Click the link "Registered Billers" and select the category to which the biller belongs (Direct Pay or View & Pay)
  • Select the biller to be deleted and in the page that opens, select the checkbox "Delete this Biller from my personal list"

Select the biller and click on details. You can delete the biller by clicking on the delete button
For Billers who are in presentment mode you will not be able to delete the biller if your bills are in "Pending", "Waiting for acceptance" or "Rejected" Status.

Does the service store my Bill and payment details for future reference?

The Bill Pay service provides archiving facility for the bills paid by you during the last twelve months through this service. Axis Bank's Bill Pay service in addition to providing archiving facility also provides an option to generate customized reports for certain payments made by you.

How can I prove that I have made the payment?

Once the payment is made to the Biller, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from the Bank regarding the transaction which could serve as your receipt. As the payment is being made by directly debiting your account, the transactions are also reflected in your Bank statement.

What if a particular bill is not paid by me through this service?

In case you wish to make your payments through cheque or by any other mode to the Biller, the bills are archived so that you can retrieve them at a later stage. You will however continue to receive the e-mail message that a particular bill is overdue and that the payment is to be made. You have the option to delete the bill from the Bill Pay system. In this case, the record of the bill and its payment shall not be stored in the system.

How will I know that my bills are paid?

There are multiple ways in which you can get to know about the bill payment:

  • If your service provider informs their customers about the bill's due dates and payments through SMS, you will receive SMS alerts
  • If you are registered for Mobile Banking with Axis Bank, you will get SMS alert for every debit /credit transaction hitting your account
  • You can view your account through internet banking
  • The debits will also reflect in your account statement

Direct Debit / Merchant transactions

What is Direct Debit?

Direct Debit is the facility offered by Axis Bank that lets you make online payments at various merchant websites. You can use your Axis Bank Savings account to make online purchases at these merchant websites. There is no need to remember your debit card details. All you need is to log-in to net banking and authenticate the transaction.

How to use Direct Debit?

The steps to use Direct Debit are:

  • Visit any of the merchant websites.
  • Select the product or service that you would like to pay for.
  • From the payment options offered by the merchant website, select Net Banking or Internet Banking as your payment option and choose Axis Bank Internet Banking.
  • On selection, you will be directed to the Axis Bank Internet Banking. You need to authenticate and confirm your payment.
  • Select the account through which you wish to make the payment and confirm the transaction.
  • After the purchase amount is debited from your account, you will be redirected to the merchant website to complete the purchase.

How do I know if my account has been debited or not?

To check if your account has been debited or not, you need to login to Axis Bank Internet Banking and check your account statement for that transaction.

Do my Direct Debit transactions come under the ambit of the Daily Debit Limit in Axis Bank Internet Banking?

Yes, your Direct Debit transactions are subject to the daily default limit set for your account in Axis Bank Internet Banking.

I cannot see my accounts online on the Direct Debit page while trying to do a transaction. What do I do?

Only those accounts which have been enabled for transactions on Axis Bank Internet Banking would be allowed on Direct Debit. Please visit your nearest branch for resolution.

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