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Is my office computer private or public?

If you are the only person using a specific computer allocated to you, select the Private Computer option. If you are using a computer that is used by other people as well as you, select the Public Computer option.

If I register for NetSecure with WebPIN, am I sharing my PC details with the bank?

No. Your computer's information will not be known to the bank.

What if the SMS does not reach me on time?

Since SMS delivery is not under control of the Bank, we would request you to wait for 15 minutes before trying again.

What is a WebPin?

WebPin is a numeric pin (just like your ATM pin) which will provide your NETSECURE Code. Once you are activated for NETSECURE with WebPin, whenever you register your private computer, you set a WebPin on its software security application. For subsequent logins from your registered computer, you are required to enter the WebPin you set, to generate your NETSECURE Code.

How can I de-register any computer for Webpin?

You can de-register a computer by clicking on the "De-register this Computer" link. The link is available on the screen where you generate your NETSECURE Code for secure login.

How can I change my WebPIN?

You can change your WebPin by first de-registering your computer and then re-activating the WebPin on your computer through the WebPin activation process.

How does the 1-Touch Device work?

The 1-Touch device is the hardware security device which generates the NETSECURE Code, when you press and hold the button on it. The NETSECURE Code generated by the 1-Touch device will be used for your successful login and transactions on Axis Bank Internet Banking.

Can I use the same NETSECURE Code more than once?

No, a NETSECURE Code can only be used once. Also it has to be used immediately, before it expires. Remember, every NETSECURE Code expires in 50 seconds.

How will I get my 1-Touch Device?

The bank will dispatch the 1-Touch device to your registered address. You will receive it within 10 working days of your registration request.

If my old Mobile Number is registered with the bank where can I change it?

You can update your mobile number at any of the Axis Bank Branches or ATMs.

Can I register only one computer for WebPin?

You can register as many computers as you want for NETSECURE with WebPin. For every registration, you have to repeat the computer registration process. For your online security, we advise you to register only computers that you trust and de-register the computers you have stopped using.

Are there any security issues if I lose my laptop on which I have registered the WebPIN?

No. This is because even if any fraudster has access to your login ID and password he will not have access to your computer WebPin.

How do I register for NETSECURE?

If you are a "Funds Transfer" enabled customer on Axis Bank Internet Banking, you can register for NETSECURE online (on Axis Bank Internet Banking). If you are a "View Only" customer on Axis Bank Internet Banking, you have to place a request to enable fund transfers on your Axis Bank Internet Banking ID at any Axis bank branch and then you can register for NETSECURE online (on Axis Bank Internet Banking).

What can I do if I don't have a mobile phone?

If you do not have a mobile phone, you can register for NETSECURE with 1-Touch.

What if I don't want to register for NETSECURE?

It is mandatory to register for NETSECURE to transfer funds online. In case you don't want to register for NETSECURE, your access will be limited to 'View Only' on Axis Bank Internet Banking. However, you can still login and access your account details.

How can I de-register from NETSECURE?

In case you wish to deregister yourself from NETSECURE, please write a mail to Axis Bank at from your registered e-mail ID or from the Axis Bank Internet Banking mail option.

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