Mobile Banking

Since the mobile phone is the most used device in a person's life, the chances of the information it contains being misused is also higher. But by exercising caution, one can easily enjoy the convenience of mobile banking.

Here's how you can protect yourself against any fraud related to mobile banking:

  • Set a password to access your phone menu
  • Log out from online mobile banking after your transaction and close the window.
  • Download only the official apps from app stores like Google Play Store, Apple iTunes etc.
  • Do not use mobile banking on a shared Wi-Fi connection
  • Don't save your confidential banking information on your phone such as your debit/ credit card numbers, PIN etc
  • Install an reliable anti-virus software and keep it updated
  • Keep track of your banking transactions through SMS alerts
  • While sharing your mobile for repair or maintainence- clear the browsing history, cache and temporary files stored in the memory as they may contain your account numbers and other personal information.
  • Do not share any confidential information through your mobile
  • Do not enable save user IDs or passwords or auto-fill for mobile banking online
  • Don't leave your phone unattended
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS when they are not being used.
  • Ensure you delete all messages from your SMS outbox that contains information like your bank account number etc.
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