Highlights for the Year

Funds available for use in the production of goods / provision of services and obtained through financing or generated through operations or investments.

`6,588 Crores

Net profit up by 305% y-o-y

`9,96,118 Crores

Total Assets up by 9% y-o-y

`6,23,720 Crores

Advances up by 9% y-o-y

`7,07,306 Crores

Total Deposits up by 10% y-o-y

`29,239 Crores

Net Interest Income up by 16% y-o-y

Manufactured objects available for use in the production of goods/provision of services, such as buildings, equipment and infrastructure.


Branches in 38 states and Union Territories (UTs)


Branches in rural and semi-urban locations


ATMs and cash deposits/withdrawal machines


Common service centres in rural and semi-urban markets

6 Lakhs+

POS machines

Knowledge-based intangibles such as IPR, patents, copyrights, trademarks, rights and licenses, and ‘organisational capital’ such as tacit knowledge, systems, procedures and protocols.


Market share in UPI in India by volume


Market share in mobile banking in India by volume


Personal loans sourced digitally in FY 2020-21, up from 44% in FY 2019-20

7.1 Million

Credit cards in force as on 31 March 2021


Digitally active customers in Q4 FY21

People’s competencies, capabilities and experience, and their motivation to innovate.


Employees with over 95% having ‘Work from Home’ enablement


Employees with WFH enablement (Largest in the BFSI segment in India)


Candidates hired under GIG-A programme


Strong team of data scientists, engineers and analysts


Members in the full service in-house digital team

Shared norms, common values and behaviour, key stakeholder relationships and trust building, and intangibles associated with brand and reputation.

150 districts

in 20 states where the Bank directly supported frontline workers

0.92 Million

Households covered under Axis Bank Foundation’s Mission 2 Million

0.7 Million

Rural women participants in financial literacy and health awareness programmes

300+ students

supported at Lyzon Friendship School, Manipur under Axis Dil Se

10 scholarships

awarded to female students at Ashoka University under Axis Bank Scholarship Programme

Renewable and non-renewable environmental resources and processes that provide goods and services such as air, water, land, minerals, forests and biodiversity.

4,975 Mwh

Green energy procured through power purchase agreements

7.05 MW

Solar installations across 248 locations

3,498 Mwh

Green energy produced from solar installations

10,058 Mwh

Energy saved through CEMS initiative at our branches

2.57 tCO2e/FTE

Scope 1 and 2 emissions per employee and 15,359.83 MT GHG emissions avoided through internal initiatives

All figures reported above are for FY 2020-21 or as on 31 March 2021

Who We Are

Axis Bank, India’s third largest private sector bank, offers a wide spectrum of products and services to corporates, government and retail customers through a variety of online and physical delivery channels.

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Our Purpose

Banking that leads to a more inclusive and equitable economy, thriving community and a healthier planet.

Our Core Values






Embedding ESG in everything we do

How ESG is interwoven into the Bank's Governance and Framework

ESG Governance

ESG is now a Board-level agenda at the Bank. Since December 2020, the CSR Committee of the Bank has been providing direct oversight on its ESG strategy and direction.

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Managing Climate-related Risks and Opportunities

The Bank continues to focus on strengthening its risk-management capabilities and has in place a Comprehensive Risk Management Framework.

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Customer centricity at the core

Customer centricity constitutes the core of our business philosophy. Delivering value to our wide customer base remains a focus of our approach to ESG.

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Committed to ethical
business standards

Axis Bank is committed to achieving and adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance and it constantly benchmarks itself with best practices worldwide.
Our policy on Corporate Governance  

To enhance the long-term interest of its shareholders, provide good management, adopt prudent riskmanagement techniques and comply with the required standards of capital adequacy, thereby safeguarding the interests of its stakeholders such as shareholders, depositors, creditors, customers, suppliers and employees.

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Our Approach to Creating Enduring Value

Banking for an equitable and inclusive economy, thriving community and a healthier planet, best underscores our role as an institution. As an integral component of the economy, we help meet the diverse and manifold banking needs of Millions of Indians.
Alignment with Global Sustainable
Development Agenda  

The principles of equitable and sustainable development are the most prominent tenets guiding global economic activity today.

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GPS Progress

Through these unprecedented times, we remain committed to delivering on our medium-term strategic goals under the vectors of Growth, Profitability and Sustainability.




Financial Capital

Financial capital, or the value of financial resources we obtain from our shareholders and providers of capital, is essential to our ability to create sustainable, long-term value for our stakeholders. Financial capital also helps us contribute to the sustainable and equitable growth of the Indian economy.

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Manufactured Capital

We have, over the years, developed a deep nation-wide presence and supported by our value chain partners deliver diverse products and services to a wide variety of customers. We also support the needs and priorities of the communities we serve.

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Intellectual Capital

As one of India’s leading financial institutions, we have nurtured a thriving intellectual ecosystem in the country, focusing on best-in-class banking technology and digital innovation. This has not only enabled us to provide industry-first solutions to our customers, but also helped move the banking sector forward. Through dialogue and engagement, we move the needle on diverse subjects, which are material to the Bank and its stakeholders.

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Human Capital

Talent and teamwork have always played a very big role in our evolution since inception. At Axis Bank, we focus on building a fair, diverse, and performance-driven culture, guided by our Core Values and aligned with the Bank’s vision and strategic priorities.

The emphasis is on attracting and managing talent, strengthening our commitments and action on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and ensuring the safety of our employees and their families.

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Social and Relationship Capital

Enabling communities to thrive has been a key focus area of our organisational approach. As an institution that is active among diverse socio-economic communities across rural and urban India, we are equipped to play a leading role in helping the society progress and become resilient.

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Natural Capital

As an organisation, we recognise the centrality of the relationship we share with our natural environment and are cognizant of our responsibility to protect it. As a financial institution, we actively work towards facilitating India’s transition to a more environmentally sustainable economy and supporting actions that lead to a positive environmental impact within the Bank and among its stakeholders.

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