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Bharat Banking - Annual Report 2022–23

Accelerating Financial
Inclusion to the Last Mile

With Bharat Banking, we are continuously working towards ensuring that our multichannel distribution system reaches even deeper into the Bharat markets for the benefit of every Indian. We believe that access to high-quality financial services can unlock the true potential of these markets and improve the lives of our customers.

Bharat Banking Success Metrics


Bharat Banking branches


Districts served

26 %

Growth in rural advances

15 %

Growth in deposits


CSC village-level entrepreneurs


Growth in disbursements

(Excluding Inter-Bank Participation Certificates)

Way Forward

Our focus is to continue increasing our market share in assets and deposits in RuSu markets, accelerate the PSL self-sufficiency at a Bank level, increase pace of digitisation, enhance the distribution through branches and partnerships network, and dominate several rural ecosystem.

Accelerating Growth and Profitability

Our pursuit of becoming a growth and profitability engine is trending in the right direction with disbursals and book growing strongly across retail and institutional lines, declining credit cost and maintaining a healthy risk adjusted return on capital. The book continues to be highly PSL-accretive and a key pillar in achieving PSL self-sufficiency at a bank level. In our endeavour of Open to Win Together, we have worked across the Bank to deliver on several initiatives such as scaling up multi product architecture significantly through ‘Deep Geo’ initiative and partnerships such as CSC, enabling more branches to source products such as gold loans and increasing intensity of cross-sell from the sales architecture. To create distinctiveness in RuSu markets, the business is building digital journeys across products, strengthening processes and governance, building several ecosystems, improving propositions to promote credit flow in RuSu markets and enhancing the brand through local and vernacular marketing. We are primed to secure our position as a preferred banking partner for the RuSu customers.

Key Levers of Bharat Banking


Building new customer-centric products, customising propositions for the rural customers, enabling products through policy framework, improving the coverage of products and making the product suite comprehensive for the RuSu customers.

37% Growth in the number of Bharat Banking branches doing >5 products monthly

Distribution and partnerships

Enhanced distribution by opening 74 new Bharat Banking branches and adding 21K+ CSC VLE in the last year, creating a rural ecosystem through a mix of partnerships such as CSC and physical networks such as Mandi and FPO.

30+ Live multi-product rural partnerships, many more in pipeline

Digital and analytics

Launched a digital platform for the co-lending journey, revamped the customer journey for gold loans, enabled eKYC-based CASA sourcing at third party location, using alternate data to optimise risk and several such initiatives to enhance the experience of RuSu customers.


A high RAROC-driven growth backed by improving portfolio quality across retail and institutional segments, driving PSL accretive volumes, improving sales productivity and maintaining a tight control on cost.

1st Rank# in NPS among all competitors for KCC and gold loans

Purpose of Bharat Banking

Enable the success of our customers, in both retail and institutional segments, by providing best-in-class products, services and advisory in a seamless manner.

#Based on the survey done by a third party