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Operational - Annual Report 2022–23

Committing to Operational Excellence

Our Commitment to
a Greener Tomorrow

As an institution, we recognise the clear and present need for collective action against climate change and are committed to supporting India's climate commitments and actions. We are adopting initiatives that will lower our carbon footprint for a greener tomorrow.

Lowering our Operational Carbon Footprint

We remain committed to reducing carbon emissions from our business operations. To achieve this, we are implementing various initiatives that prioritise the digitalisation of our systems and processes, lowering energy demand at all physical locations and increasing our utilisation of renewable energy sources. We have set a target to decrease the emissions intensity from our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions (per FTE) by 5% y-o-y.

7.05 MW

In-house solar power generation capacity

~3,000 tonnes of CO2 saved annually

Through Centralised Energy Management System at 600 branches

~9,750 tonnes of CO2 avoided

at 200 rural branches through adoption of grid converter

1st and only Indian Bank to achieve the IGBC Platinum certification for Green Existing Building Operations and maintenance, for Axis House, Mumbai.

We are committed to adopting green practices at all our new offices and branches.

EV charging stations provided for employees and customers at our offices in Mumbai and Noida.

Axis House

Axis House, our corporate headquarters in Mumbai, is a certified Platinum Green Building by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), that incorporates the latest technologies and solutions towards improving the building’s energy, water and waste management as well as improving its internal ambience for the safety and comfort of its occupants.

Notably, Axis House runs entirely on renewable energy. It has solar rooftop installations with the remaining energy demand met through green power procured directly from the grid.

The building deploys several energy efficiency measures that help reduce its energy consumption and thus the associated carbon emissions. Some of such measures include fully LED light fittings and motion sensors at workstations and common areas. The building also provides EV charging stations for our employees and customers.

The building has a centralised and robust waste management system to segregate, collect, transport and recycle different categories of waste generated, wherein portion of its dry waste is recycled into usable stationery items and all wet waste is converted into compost for use within the premises. All e-waste from the building is handled by certified e-waste handlers.

We have also invested in making Axis House a water-efficient facility and have taken several steps to minimise consumption and increase recycling, such as use of aerator taps and sensors to optimise water flow at washrooms. Axis House recycles 150 KL of water daily through its sewage treatment plant and harvests close to 2,000 KL of rain water annually for the building’s use.

What’s New?

Our three largest offices, in Mumbai and in Bengaluru are running on 100% renewable energy.

Through Digital Banking initiatives at branches, we have avoided the use of over 1 million sheets of paper in a single month.