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Building Resilient Communities

Sustainable Communities.
Promising Future.

Our 'Open' philosophy drives our strategy to create lasting impact in communities. We strive for sustainable business growth that benefits stakeholders and brings about positive change for the communities we operate in.

Our CSR efforts are focused on making a meaningful impact in society and protecting India's natural environment under the key themes of Lives and Livelihoods, Education, Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion, and Environmental Sustainability. Our programmes aim to reach the most marginalised or remote communities, including India's Aspirational Districts and India's North-east.

Breaking Barriers through Education

The Bank's efforts in Education encompass a wide spectrum ranging from primary education in India's remotest corners to supporting cutting edge research and pedagogy in India's most prestigious institutions of higher education.

Our flagship Axis Dil Se programme now supports education and capacity building and training in five of the eight North-east states, also further strengthening the socio-economic integration of the region with the rest of the country. We are supporting scientific research and participation of women in STEM in prominent institutions such as the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and Ashoka University.

Axis Dil Se – Connecting Remote Communities

Since 2017, Axis Dil Se, our flagship programme in education, has been supporting education initiatives in some of India's most remote corners such as Ladakh and the North-east, as well as in India's deep interiors such as Odapada in Odisha.






Axis Dil Se Manipur


Sunbird Trust


Supporting the expansion of physical infrastructure, pedagogy and capacity building of the Lyzon Friendship School situated on the India-Myanmar border


Over 400 students from the region's tribal and rural communities


Axis Dil Se Sikkim


17,000 ft Foundation


Transforming 50 government primary schools across rural Sikkim with digital education interventions, teacher capacity building, and physical infrastructure


Over 1,800 primary school students


Axis Dil Se Odisha


Tata Steel Foundation


Supporting equitable and quality school education across the Odapada block, Dhenkanal district in Odisha


Over 350 children, including school dropouts, received age-appropriate learning with bridge courses


Axis Dil Se Army Centres of Excellence


NIEDO and Assam Riffles


Establishing centres of excellence for free residential coaching and mentoring for underprivileged youth from the North-east for competitive exams


Over 90 students across 3 centres of excellence in Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh

Financial Inclusion for an Equitable society

As a financial institution, supporting India's socio-economic progress has been one of our most important organisational imperatives. Through focused interventions under the theme of Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy, we are supporting millions of Indians from the bottom of the pyramid become financially secure and more confident about their livelihoods and future. Our Financial Literacy programme, driven by Bharat Banking, touches over a million women annually across India.

1.2 million

Women participants



Axis Evolve - Building capacity within India's MSME sector





Axis Bank Centre for Mathematics and Computing, IISc

During the year, we entered into a strategic partnership with the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, to promote cutting-edge research in applied mathematics and computing that cuts across all branches of science and engineering and develop the skilled human resources who shall be India's champions of the future in this space.

The Sustainable Livelihood Program support

Implemented by Axis Bank Foundation, the Sustainable Livelihood Program aims to strengthen and stabilise rural communities' livelihoods. The programme, set to support 2 million families by 2026, operates nationwide. It specifically focuses on establishing stable livelihoods for rural communities by offering opportunities for small farmers, the landless and youth in rural and semi-urban areas to improve their incomes through agriculture, agri-allied work, natural resource management, livestock and skill development. The programme's vision is to create resilient communities with self-sustaining ecosystems managed by the beneficiaries themselves. To achieve this, various entities such as NGO partners, government departments and community institutions are involved in designing and implementing initiatives that align with the specific requirements and aspirations of each community.

Impact of Sustainable Livelihood Program

1.3 million

Households reached









Protecting India's Natural Environment

We remain committed to supporting the protection and restoration of India's natural environment and its rich biodiversity. In 2021, we committed ourselves to planting 2 million trees across India by 2027, towards contributing to India's carbon sink. Our interventions are also supporting the restoration of natural habitats, coastal mangroves, and strengthening of buffers of national parks and reserves in various parts of the country

What’s New?

Axis Bank is working with tribal communities in Majuli, India's only island district, in Assam to strengthen their resilience towards the annual floods in the Brahmaputra river that drown large parts of the island during the monsoons, affecting thousands of people each year.