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In today's fast business environment with unending deadlines to fulfill and lot of appointments to meet, there is need for an account 'that travels with you'. Axis Bank provides you a robust SMS banking facility to access your account conveniently from anywhere and at anytime. Our SMS Banking facility would benefit you by adding safety and convenience to transactions leading to saving of time and keeping you updated round the clock.

Our SMS Banking service helps you to keep a check on your account and prevent misuse of your account.

Added Convenience

  • We send you the instant alerts on Transaction, Minimum monthly average balance, Inward and Outward Cheque return instances
  • You can request information on your account from anywhere and anytime of the day or night. Just send the specified keyword as an SMS to +919717000002 or 5676782* to receive the information on your account


Axis Bank's SMS Banking service provides you information in two ways: Automatic alerts and Enquiries

Automatic Alerts: (Push alerts)

Messages initiated by the Bank

  • Day End Balance Alerts:
    At the end of each day a SMS showing Day end balance is sent to your registered Mobile Number to keep you updated about balances
  • Debit and Credit Alert:
    Messages are sent for each Credit and Debit to your account above a specified threshold limit.
  • Inward Cheque Return Alerts:
    Whenever cheque issued is returned a message intimating about the same will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Outward Cheque Return Alerts:
    Whenever cheque deposited is returned a message will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Minimum Average Balance Alert:
    A message is sent to your registered mobile number to fund the account sufficiently if it is below required levels so as to avoid non maintenance charges.

Enquiries: (Pull alerts)

Following information can be sought by sending SMS to the Mentioned SMS Banking number

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Statement - Last 5 Transactions
  • Cheque Status
  • Suspend SMS Banking

You can check your Account balance, go through the last five transactions, and find out the status of your cheques as and when required by just sending an SMS with the specified keyword to the SMS Banking number +919717000002 or 5676782*


  • Safety:
    Every debit and credit to your account above a certain value is intimated to you. Stay updated on your account transactions anywhere and at anytime.
  • Convenience:
    No more queues at Branches or at ATMs for transaction queries.
  • Time Saving:
    No traveling to branches or ATMs to keep track of your account.
  • Updates:
    Get automatic updates on your balance and also cheques status on your cell.
  • Accessibility:
    Avail of this service from anywhere, even on the move.

To give a feel of our Offerings a free trial period of 30 days is provided to all the new customers registering for SMS Banking Facility

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