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Online Money Transfer

Transfer via Automated Clearing House (ACH) for USA

Automated Clearing House (ACH) offers one of the most convenient ways to remit money from USA to India. It uses the Automated Clearing House network in USA to debit sender’s account and transfer funds to Axis Bank's specially designated account in US for further credit to the beneficiary’s account in India.

Money Transfer Process

  1. Fill up the Registration Form and create your own Login ID
  2. Click on Send money and add New Recipient details
  3. Select mode of transfer as ACH Transfer. Enter transaction amount, select purpose of remittance and your overseas bank account details
  4. Confirm your transaction and note the unique reference number

Account Verification

In case of ACH Transfers, your overseas account details are verified through a one-time verification process, which takes upto 3 working days. As part of this process, Axis Bank originates sub-dollar transactions (credit and debit of less than a dollar) of random value into your registered account. You are requested to input the exact amount of such transaction in your AxisRemit account. If the amount entered matches with the amount of debit/credit raised by us, then the verification is successful.


There are no transaction charges levied by Axis Bank. However, service tax as mandated by Government of India, is applicable. For further details, please refer the link on Fees and Charges for Online Transfer.

Transaction Limits

Minimum Transaction size: USD 100

Maximum Transaction size: USD 7,500

  No. Of Transaction Total Transaction Volume
Daily 3 USD 22,500
Weekly 7 USD 52,500
Monthly 15 USD 112,500
Annually 30 USD 180,000

Please note that a new transaction cannot be initiated in case three transactions are under process.

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