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Local Post Box for NRIs

You can now send your documents to your local address and they will be delivered to the NRI Service Center in India. Check out the post box addresses in the following countries

Sr. No. Country Address
1. USA Axis Bank (NRI Services-INDIA), BOM / USA / 1216805, SPRING P.O. BOX 688 BUFFALO NY 14240-0688 U.S.A.
2. UK Axis Bank (NRI Services-INDIA), C/0 SPRING, BOM /UK/1216805/UTI BANK, P.O BOX 66, HOUNSLOW TW5 9RT, UK
3. AUSTRALIA Axis Bank (NRI Services-INDIA), IRS - BOM, QUANTIUM SOLUTIONS BOM/AUS /1216805/AXIS, P.O. Box 5151, Minto NSW 2566, AUSTRALIA
4. UAE P O Box No. 113498, Office No. 1003, 10th Floor, Al Masaood Tower, Near Crowne Plaza, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi
5. UAE P O Box No. 122504, Office No. 105, 1st Floor, Al Safa Business Centre, Plot no. 318 - 883, Street No.19, Opp. Dubai Central Post Office, Karama Dubai
Terms And Conditions
  • Customers are advised to send the documents to our P.O. Box using a reliable ordinary postal service. Please do not use a courier service to send the documents to our P.O. Box
  • Axis Bank Ltd. shall not be responsible for any loss in transit or any monetary loss including loss on account of change in exchange rates, interest rates, deposit value date etc. arising due to the time elapsed due to return of the monetary instrument
  • Axis Bank will maintain the confidentiality of the documents sent by the customer.
  • The users of the Post Box (PB) facility are availing the service at their own risk and consequences.
  • Neither Axis Bank Ltd. (Axis Bank) nor G3 WORLDWIDE MAIL LOGISTICS (INDIA) PVT. LIMITED, which is a Cross Border Mailing Company and a joint venture between, TNT (Dutch Post), Royal Mail of UK and Singapore Post, will be responsible or liable to the user or any third party for the "Envelopes/ Consignments or its Contents" (collectively referred as "Consignments") during the transit from the user to the Post Box.
  • Axis Bank is not responsible for any loss in document arising if the documents sent to a wrong address or documents are lost in transit before reaching the Axis Bank P.O. Box.
  • User agrees that he shall be solely responsible for the contents of the Consignment and shall indemnify Axis Bank for any loss or damage suffered to it on account of handling the contents or merely the letter being addressed to it in view of legal, regulatory or contractual requirements of the user.
  • In the event the users instruction/s cannot be carried out owing to any discrepancy or otherwise Axis Bank may inform the user by email to the email ID furnished by the user.
  • Axis Bank is not responsible for non receipt of such email on account of any incorrect email ID or systemic error or non acceptance by the computer system of the user.
  • On every Monday and Thursday, G3 WORLDWIDE MAIL LOGISTICS (INDIA) PVT. LIMITED (the service provider), opens the P.O. Box and collects all packets / envelopes and couriers all documents to the G3 WORLDWIDE MAIL LOGISTICS (INDIA) PVT. LIMITED from where they are sent to Axis Bank, NRI services.
  • On receipt of the Consignments in the Post Box, G3 WORLDWIDE MAIL LOGISTICS (INDIA) PVT. LIMITED shall be responsible for the Consignment to the user till it is transshipped and delivered to Axis Bank - NRI Cell, Mumbai. By availing the service of Post Box the user shall be deemed to have agreed to entrust the transshipment to India in his sole risk and discretion to G3 WORLDWIDE MAIL LOGISTICS (INDIA) PVT. LIMITED India and Axis Bank is not liable or responsible for any loss or destruction of the Consignments in the hands of G3 WORLDWIDE MAIL LOGISTICS (INDIA) PVT. LIMITED
  • Axis Bank shall in its sole discretion destroy the documents after one months of receipt without any further reference to the user and the user agrees that Axis Bank is not liable or responsible to either user or any other person for such destruction
  • The indicative delivery schedule for documents dispatched from PO Box to Axis Bank NRI Services Desk in India is 5 to 7 working days. This delivery time is exclusive of the transit time taken for the documents to reach the PO Box. Reference to any service levels including the delivery schedule are only indicative and should not be construed to refer to any commitment.