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Online Investing with AxisDirect


Online Investing with AxisDirect

Start your Online Investing with AxisDirect

AxisDirect offers you a product for your every investment need.

  • Equities and Derivatives: Trade on a wide range of stocks, using both CASH and MARGIN products, depending upon your risk-reward preference. Invest in CASH products if you are looking for long term capital appreciation or use MARGIN products if you are interested in short term gains and have a higher risk tolerance.
  • Derivatives: Using our platform you can trade in Futures and Options. Our MARGIN products are well suited to take care of your investment requirements
  • Mutual Funds: Transact in mutual funds offered by leading AMCs in India with AxisDirect through our website or phone. We offer a unique proposition to invest through Distribution and Exchange channels for lumpsum purchase and redemption. You can also create systematic investment plans (SIP) in mutual funds through the Distribution channel.
  • SIP: You can start a Systematic Investment Plan in Mutual Funds as well as in Equity stocks. Using the Equity SIP option you can choose to invest in particular stocks or indices daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly.
  • NCDs: NCDs are low to medium risk depending upon the company that is floating them. This is suited for investors who do not want to take much risk with their investments.Invest in NCDs through AxisDirect without any paper filling formalities.
  • IPOs: With AxisDirect you can apply into primary markets quickly and effortlessly by using either ASBA or Non ASBA facility.

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