Nurturing Talent

POSSIBILITIES to Nurture an Engaging Workplace

The art of being attentive, aware and nurturing is not just a mere parochial outlook but a steadfast way of life at Axis Bank. We invest in our people to adopt industry-best practices and push their potentials and possibilities, translating into an ecosystem poised to uphold our consumer-first aspirations.

Talent and teamwork have consistently played an impactful role in evolution through the years. To attract and retain the best of minds, we provide expert training and exciting opportunities, paving way for creating the leadership of tomorrow. We encourage an atmosphere that is Open to people from diverse backgrounds, adopting newer modes of engagement.

At Axis Bank, we focus on building a fair, diverse, and performance-driven culture, guided by our Core Values and aligned with our vision and strategic priorities.

Building Pride Through Our Value Driven Culture

We put utmost importance on upholding the five core values that define our functioning ─ Customer Centricity, Ethics, Teamwork, Transparency and Ownership.

Our Axis Value Realizers (AVR) are instrumental in striking conversations to bolster our values across the organisation. Our AVRs serve as ambassadors of culture and change, with 300 AVRs continually engaged in championing the tenets of Sparsh.

To track our progress on the Bank's values sentiment, we compile a Values Scorecard by combining key operational measures with the results of our Values Voices bi-annual internal survey


Axis Value Realizers (AVR)

Employee Health and Wellbeing as a Core Aspect of Sustainability

We have a comprehensive employee care programme in place that provides access to doctors, emergency health services and confidential counselling, for all our employees. It also extends financial support to the families of employees who succumbed to COVID-19.

120+ Employees

Sought help from our on-staff professional counsellors in FY 2021-22

Elevating Our Talent Pool through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

We adopted Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy in FY 2021-22 and codified our commitment by setting a target of inducting 30% women employees into our workforce by 2025.


Total Employees


Gender Diversity in FY 2022

#ComeAsYouAre Diversity Charter

Our diversity charter promotes inclusion of women, people with disabilities and people from the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, within workplace. These policies and practices form the bedrock of all the initiatives we undertake concerning medical insurance, restroom accessibility, dress code policy, and training programmes, with an aim to neutralise bias.

36,941 Employees

Participated in 187 'Pause for Bias' seminars, a selfreflection training programme

Our recruitment drives uphold this diversity charter through several initiatives:

  • Thoughtful job descriptions to reduce unconscious bias
  • Special hiring programmes like #SheWins, Women in Sales programme, Diversity in Technology and #HouseWorkIsWork
  • Organising walk-In diversity job fair, with a special call out to people from the LGBTQIA+ community, women and People with Disabilities
  • Adopting a diversity focused approach towards pin code hiring in Tier II and Tier III cities
  • Providing same sex joint accounts for employees


Women hires in FY 2021-22, up from 19% in FY 2020-21


Share of We Lead in total Tier I campus hires


Women students outreach under WiM in FY 2021-22

Creating a Leadership Ecosystem to Nurture Talent

People are not just born leaders, but with care, support and mentorship, leadership can definitely be cultivated. Following this mantra, we have a structured approach toward developing talent at all levels of the organisation.

Senior Talent Management

Our senior talent management approach focuses on turning potential into performance and caters to 2% of our workforce. Our top three leaders drive this programme, with a dedicated focus on developing future leaders, as part of their balanced scorecards. Through a customised learning framework and a well-designed mentorship initiative, the programme is tailored to the journey of each leader, to generate new ideas and strategies.

Axis Leadership and Coaching Academy

Diamonds shine only when they are polished. Our incisive training programmes develop and enhance leadership capabilities at every level of the organisation.

  • Leadership Signature utilising world class university courses, mentoring, board level exposure and coaching to drive agile methods of working
  • Leadership Collective for mid-level leaders to manage change and drive business imperatives
  • Leadership BaseCamp for supervisory development for frontline leaders
Strengthening the Talent Pipeline

Comprehensive Hiring Programme

Our campus hiring programmes - AHEAD, ABLE and ASPIRE provide a steady flow of talent for the organisation, across diverse roles. We have launched two distinctive talent management tracks, AHEAD Internal and Astors, to identify employees with consistent high performance.

22%+ Employees

Covered under Axis Leadership and Coaching Academy


From campus hiring in FY 2021-22

22 Employees

Selected under AHEAD Internal and Astors in FY 2021-22

54.61 hours

Average training hours per employee in FY 2021-22

Channelling High Performance through Learning and Development

We have made significant investment in a three-year Learning and Development strategy, that has led to the launch of diverse learning programmes. In the last financial year, the average training hours consisted of 54.61 person-hours of training per employee. 62% of the trainings were conducted online, while the remainder were classroom-based. We offer 127 courses through the Axis Learning Academy.

Reshaping Operations for Increased Productivity

We have reshaped the way we work, along with our workplace, becoming leaders in the space of managing productivity. The launch of GIG-A opportunities has added to this endeavour. At present 27% of the total bank population are working in alternate models, including skilled freelancers, through our ‘Work from Anywhere’ programme. 92% of the people who opted for the programme are satisfied, becoming strong advocates of the same.

31% Hires

From non-metro locations

59% Hires

From non-banking backgrounds

27% Workforce

Under alternate models

12,000 Employees

Part of the hybrid working

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