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Digital Platform - Annual Report 2022-23

Leveraging Digital Leadership

Revolutionising Customer
Experience Through Tech

We are making great strides towards becoming India's leading tech bank. Our expertise in data analytics and technology, coupled with our proprietary skills and focused approach, enables us to develop innovative solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our customer. We are committed to delivering an unparalleled digital experience.

We have leveraged high-end data analytics, optimised omnichannel experiences and adopted resilience and cybersecurity as our top priorities to help preserve and strengthen our customer connect.

Increased Digital Use

Digital penetration across several product lines is now at a substantial high and is only expected to grow going forward.



Savings Accounts sourced through Tab Banking


Video KYC-enabled savings accounts


Fixed Deposits sourced digitally



New PPF accounts sourced digitally



Personal loans sourced digitally


Credit Cards issued through end-to-end digital and phygital means


Credit Card lifecycle products (e.g. EMI, Insta Loan) sourced digitally


End to end digital lending in overall unsecured business loans disbursements

Axis 2.0 – A Digital Bank Within the Bank

With over 20 products available across liabilities, loans, investment products, insurance, forex, etc., Axis 2.0 accounts for between 15% to 85% of all sales for these products. The overall liability book grew by about 45% and loan book by 53% in fiscal 2023, with CASA growing 92% and TDs growing 89%.

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Project NEO – Aspiring to be India’s #1 Wholesale Bank

Project NEO offers a multi-product, multi-channel linkage both internally and with customers via the CIB platform. It is the best-in-the-industry corporate API developer portal with 95+ live open banking APIs across TxB products with B2B enablement. NEO Banking offers Axis NEO Connect, which is industry’s first plug and play solution for seamless ERP integration.

Our self-intuitive developer portal helps clients to integrate and independently manage and is fully equipped with automated processes, dedicated implementation, and onboarding support, as well as a chatbot for quick query resolution. Additionally, users can access the developer forum to share ideas and discuss topics.

We have partnered with leading fintechs to offer connected banking experience. Within a short span, we have 1,000+ corporates on our Axis API developer portal. We endeavour to offer our services across the full spectrum of corporate use cases.

Use of Analytics


Our wide array of digital-first products reinforces hyper-personalisation and offers a simplified end-to-end journey with the objective of delivering a satisfying experience at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Hyperpersonalisation is a key initiative where we would drive personalised product and service nudges to customers. Big data & analytics is at the heart of this initiative. 110+ campaigns live with personalised offer, message and channel of communication with 10%+ lift in business outcomes in these campaigns personalisation.



4 crore




Use of Alternate Data

We are getting future-ready with the use of alternate data. For Bharat Banking, we leverage satellite data. In addition to traditional data like bank and tax statements, we employ alternate data like spends and deliveries on our partner sites including Flipkart, alternate scores like Telecom, Satellite farmland info available to us through our 'Connect and Grow' initiative. Risk models are leveraged heavily in running multiple pre-approved/ pre-qualified lending programmes with alternate data assets (e.g. satellite information) to continuously enhance our underwriting capabilities.

1.5X more

Predictive than CIBIL scores

Enhancing Customer Experience

In fiscal 2023, we kept up our commitment to investing in new products and services that leverage digital, allowing us to achieve momentum in our growth.

  • New lending journeys for Auto Loan, Small Business Loan and Gold Loan
  • Enhanced mobile banking experience
  • Launch of our best-inclass developer portal and expansion of our API suite
  • Remittance journeys for equity investments
  • Migration of customers to a new internet banking platform
  • Hyper-personalisation of customer experience on the mobile app
  • Redesigned journeys for Bill Pay, UPI and FD
  • Expansion of our Branch of the future module, enabling servicing for our customers