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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for new account/relationship, calculated at a Customer ID level or Family ID# level:

On-going eligibility criteria for existing account/relationship, calculated at a Customer ID level or Family ID# level:

Please note that Burgundy Private Savings Account is mandatory for induction into Burgundy Private.

Total Relationship Value

^ Total Relationship Value (TRV), aggregated at Customer ID or Family ID# level, is composed of:

Product/RelationshipInclusions Allowed
Liability RelationshipSavings Account, Current Account**, Term Deposits, Recurring Deposits and/or Specified Investment Relationships, PIS Accounts (for NRI’s)
Investment* RelationshipMutual Funds, Life Insurance, Private Equity Funds (Commitment amount), Structured Products, Discretionary Portfolio Management Service, Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service, RBI Bonds*, PPF*, NPS* and other Alternate Assets

Accounts of customers who do not maintain any one of the mentioned criteria will be converted to a lower category Savings Account with appropriate advance intimation; fees and charges of the lower SB A/c will apply accordingly

Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) will be considered in case of Savings & Current Account.

*Investment through Axis Bank to be considered

#Family ID is generated at the time customer enrolls into Family Banking Program

**Subject to family banking / grouping & applicable only for Resident individual, Sole Proprietor, HUF, Partnership, LLP, Private Limited Companies

Family Banking

Burgundy Private customers can extend their exclusive Burgundy Private privileges to their family members as under:

Axis Bank reserves the right to change the benefits offered as part of the services.

For more, visit: www.axisbank.com/burgundyprivate

The terms and conditions mentioned in eligibility criteria are subject to modification from time to time solely at Bank's discretion.