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Fees & Charges

Basic Account Charges
FeaturesCharges Applicable
Initial FundingNot Applicable
Average Quarterly Balance Required (AQB)Not Applicable
Total Relationship Value*Rs.5 Cr
Account Service FeeNIL
Primary Debit Card: TypeBurgundy Private Debit Card
Primary Card: Annual Fees**NIL
Joint Debit Card: TypeBurgundy Private Debit Card
Joint Card: Annual Fees**NIL
My Design Card IssuanceNIL
Chequebook IssuanceUnlimited, Free
DD/PO IssuanceUnlimited, Free
Account ClosureRs. 500#
NetSecure with 1 Touch - Issuance feeRs. 1,000
Transaction Charges
FeaturesCharges Applicable
Daily ATM Withdrawal LimitRs. 4 lakhs
Daily POS transaction LimitRs. 7 lakhs
Monthly Cash Transaction: No. of transactions / Limits (Metro/Urban/Semi-Urban/Rural)Unlimited, Free
Charges beyond free limitNot applicable
Outstation Cheque Collection FeesNIL
RTGS Fees (Branch and Online)NIL
NEFT Transaction LimitsUnlimited
NEFT Fees (Branch)NIL
NEFT Fees (Online)NIL
Speed Clearing FeesNIL
Axis Bank ATM: No. of Free TransactionsUnlimited
Non- Axis Bank ATM: No of Free TransactionsUnlimited
Non-Axis ATM: Cash Withdrawal (financial transaction) fees beyond limitsNIL
Non-Axis ATM: Balance Enquiry (non financial transaction) fees beyond limitsNIL
International Cash Withdrawal fees (ATM)NIL
International Balance Enquiry fees (ATM)NIL
Surcharge on Railway Tickets purchased with Debit Card2.5% of the sale amount (Min Rs. 10) + Rs.30 per transaction
Cross Currency Mark-up on International Debit Card Transactions3.5%
Transaction Failure Charges
FeaturesCharges Applicable
Outward Cheque ReturnNIL
Inward Cheque ReturnNIL
Outstation Cheque ReturnNIL
ECS Debit FailureNIL
Standing Instruction / Auto Debit Return (Insufficient Funds)NIL
SI Failure charges for RD/MF SIP bounceNIL
Convenience Charges
FeaturesCharges Applicable
Card Replacement FeeNIL
Additional MyDesign Card - Replacement FeeNIL
Additional Chequebook FeeNIL
Duplicate PIN (Branch mode only)NIL
Duplicate PassbookNIL
Physical Statement Fee at branch for prior quartersNIL
Stop Payment Instructions: ChequeNIL
Stop Payment Instructions: ECSNIL
DD/PO CancellationNIL
DD/PO DuplicateNIL
DD/PO RevalidationNIL
Additional DD/PO FeeNIL
Value Added SMS AlertsNIL
Address ConfirmationNIL
Photo AttestationNIL
Signature VerificationNIL
Balance CertificateNIL
Locker fees1st Locker - 100% discount on any locker size (small, medium, large, extra-large)
Subsequent Lockers - 70% discount on small & medium size lockers & 50% discount on large & extra-large size lockers

* Conditions apply
NetSecure with 1 Touch - Replacement feeRs.800
Foreign Currency Charges
FeaturesCharges Applicable
Foreign Currency Outward Remit by Wire/TT/SwiftRs. 100
Foreign Currency Outward Remit by DDRs.500
Foreign Currency Inward Remit Fee per remittance (wire)NIL
Foreign Currency deposit at BranchesNIL
Foreign Currency Instrument Collection FeesCheque Collection Charges Rs.750
Courier & Handling Charges Rs.50

Correspondent/Drawee Bank Charges:-
Cash Letter Scheme (CLS) – NIL
Final Credit Scheme (FCS) - $40
Direct Credit Scheme (DCS) – On Actuals, as charged by Correspondent/Drawee Bank
Demat Charges
FeaturesCharges Applicable
Demat A/C annual charges where applicableNIL for life
Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) NRI Savings Account Tariff Structure
FeaturesCharges Applicable
PIS Issuance ChargesNIL
PIS Reporting ChargesNIL
Non PIS Reporting ChargesNIL

Terms & Conditions

*Customers who do not qualify for the TRV criteria will be converted to normal Savings Account with due notice. Fees and charges will apply accordingly. For more details on TRV refer to https://www.axisbank.com/burgundyprivate

# Charges are levied if account is closed between 14 days and 1 year. No charges would be levied if account is closed within 14 days of account opening or after 1 year.

The bank reserves the right to change/modify any of the charges from time to time. All the service charges will attract taxes as applicable. To know more visit www.axisbank.com