Open defines everything we have always been.

It is a philosophy that has been part of our DNA for the last 26 years. It is the way we organise ourselves on every front, internally and externally.

Be it our keen eye to spot opportunities and willingness to act on them. Or our commitment to our customers that no matter what they have to say, we are here to listen.

We are open to ideas, suggestions and even criticism. We are open to newer ways of working, technologies, and approaches, that will shape the future of financial services. We strive to live up to our commitment to partner communities and the wider family of stakeholders in inclusive development.

Our business moves on the wheels of trust. We deeply value the confidence and faith of our stakeholders, and we promise to uphold the highest standard in delivering them. Our aim is to grow together as India’s most reliable bank.

We are Axis. We are Open.

Axis Bank Annual Report 2019-2020 - Experience Open

How we performed in Fiscal 2019-20

Total assets

`915,165 crores


Total deposits

`640,105 crores


Total advances

`571,424 crores


Total income

`78,172 crores


Net interest income

`25,206 crores


Net profit

`1,627 crores


Gross NPA


(previous year 5.26%)



(previous year 2.06%)

Provision coverage ratio


(previous year 62%)

Cost: Asset ratio


(previous year 2.13%)

Net interest margin (NIM)


(previous year 3.43%)

Capital adequacy ratio


(previous year 15.84%)

Above are standalone figures as on/for the year ended 31 March, 2020

↑ Growth in Fiscal 2019-20 vis-à-vis Fiscal 2018-19

Axis Bank Annual Report 2019-2020 - Amitabh Chaudhry

Message from MD & CEO

As the economy continues to combat the unprecedented uncertainty caused by COVID‑19 pandemic outbreak since the start of this calendar year, we have lived up to our promise to the nation of being a responsible citizen, being ‘Open’ to address the needs of our customers, employees and communities.

- Amitabh Chaudhry

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Pralay Mondal - Executive Director, Retail Banking

Message from Executive Director
(Retail Banking)

Fiscal 2020 was another good year for the Retail segment with steady growth of 22% in deposits* and 24% in advances as we continue our relentless focus on delivering sustainable and profitable growth.

- Pralay Mondal

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Rajiv Anand - Executive Director, Wholesale Banking

Message from Executive Director
(Wholesale Banking)

We as a Bank have over the last one year taken significant strides in not only de‑risking and diversifying the Wholesale book but have also strengthened our position as a full service Wholesale Bank; which places us in a better position for the future.

- Rajiv Anand

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Rajesh Dahiya, Executive Director, Corporate Centre

Message from Executive Director
(Corporate Centre)

Our 74,000 plus employees have displayed true commitment and have walked the extra mile to remain fully functional and continue to serve our customers.

- Rajesh Dahiya

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Total Assets/Liabilities
  • Shareholder’s Funds
  • Total Advances
  • Retail Advances
  • Total Deposits
  • CASA

Total Assets/Liabilities

Total Assets/Liabilities ` in crores

  • fy19-20915,165
  • fy18-19800,997
  • fy17-18691,330
  • fy16-17601,468
  • fy15-16539,821




5 - Year CAGR

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Shareholder’s Funds

Shareholder’s Funds ` in crores

  • fy19-2084,948
  • fy18-1966,676
  • fy17-1863,445
  • fy16-1755,763
  • fy15-1655,763




5 - Year CAGR

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Total Advances

Total Advances ` in crores

  • fy19-20571,424
  • fy18-19494,798
  • fy17-18439,650
  • fy16-17373,069
  • fy15-16338,774




5 - Year CAGR

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Retail Advances

Retail Advances ` in crores

  • fy19-20305,400
  • fy18-19245,812
  • fy17-18206,465
  • fy16-17167,993
  • fy15-16138,521




5 - Year CAGR

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Total Deposits

Total Deposits ` in crores

  • fy19-20640,105
  • fy18-19548,471
  • fy17-18453,623
  • fy16-17414,379
  • fy15-16357,968




5 - Year CAGR

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CASA ` in crores

  • fy19-20263,706
  • fy18-19243,394
  • fy17-18243,852
  • fy16-17213,050
  • fy15-16169,445




5 - Year CAGR

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Experience Open

While scale, stature, presence, products and technology are evident manifestations of Axis Bank, one characteristic that binds all and transcends everything else is that we are an institution that is warm, friendly, empathetic and accessible to customers and all other stakeholders.

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